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Afro American Studies

A general guide to library research in Afro American Studies.

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Reference Books

Reference Materials

Reference materials are a great way to start your research. There are many sources located in the Reference Department's collection on the Main floor of the Du Bois Library (one flight down from the entry level). Some particularly useful ones are listed here.

General Reference Sources

REF E 185. h 543 1995 (2 volumes) Historical Statistics of Black America, compiled by Jessie Carney Smith and Carrell Peterson Horton

REF Z 6944 .N39 I5 Index to Black periodicals (1984-present)

REF Z 1361 .N39 N578 1984 Black access: a bibliography of Afro-American bibliographies, compiled by Richard Newman

REF Z 1361 .N39 S77 1988 Index to Afro-American reference resources, compiled by Rosemary M. Stevenson

REF Z 1361 .N39 K34 1992 The Kaiser index to Black resources, 1948-1986: from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black culture of the New York Public Library (5 volumes)

History and Culture

REF DT 14 .A37435 1999 Africana: the encyclopedia of the African and African American experience, ed. by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates

REF E 185 .E54 1996 Encyclopedia of African-American culture and history, ed. by Jack Salzman, David Lionel Smith, and Cornel West (5 volumes + Supplement at REF E 185 .E542 2001)

REF E 185.61 .E544 1998 The encyclopedia of civil rights in America, ed. by David Bradley and Shelley Fisher Fishkin (3 volumes)

REF E 185 .H64 1997 Chronology of African-American history from 1492 to the present, by Alton Hornsby, Jr. (2nd ed.)

REF E 185.96 .A45 1993 African American women: a biographical dictionary, ed. by Dorothy C. Salem

UM Microfilm Storage A843 Negro Year Book: An Annual Encyclopedia of the Negro (1915-1952)

REF E 185.96 .N68 1992 Notable Black American women, ed. by Jessie Carney Smith (2nd volume is REF E 185.96 .N68 1996)

REF E 185.86 .N68 1999 Notable Black American men, ed. by Jessie Carney Smith


REF PS 153 .N5 O96 1997 The Oxford companion to African American literature, ed. by William L. Andrews, Frances Smith Foster, and Trudier Harris

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 33 Afro-American fiction writers after 1955, ed. by Thadious M. Davis and Trudier Harris

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 38 Afro-American writers after 1955: dramatists and prose writers, ed. by Thadious M. Davis and Trudier Harris

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 41 Afro-American poets since 1955, ed. by Trudier Harris and Thadious M. Davis

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 50 Afro-American writers before the Harlem Renaissance, ed. by Trudier Harris; associate ed. Thadious M. Davis

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 51 Afro-American writers from the Harlem Renaissance to 1940, ed. by Trudier Harris; associate ed. Thadious M. Davis

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 76 Afro-American writers, 1940-1955, ed. by Trudier Harris

REF PN 451 .D5 vol. 117, 125, 157 Twentieth-century Caribbean and Black African writers: first series- , ed. by Bernth Lindfors and Reinhard Sander

REF PS 153 .N5 P44 1990 Early Black American playwrights and dramatic writers: a biographical dictionary and catalog of plays, films, and broadcasting scripts, by Bernard L. Peterson, Jr.

REF PS 153 .N5 P43 1988 Contemporary Black American playwrights and their plays: a biographical dictionary and dramatic index, by Bernard L. Peterson, Jr.


REF ML105 .67 Biographical dictionary of Afro-American and African musicians, by Eileen Southern

REF ML102.O6 S6 1995 Blacks in opera: an encyclopedia of people and companies, 1873-1993, by Eric Ledell Smith

REF ML102.J3 N48 2002 (3 vols) The new Grove dictionary of jazz, edited by Barry Kernfeld