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Afro American Studies

A general guide to library research in Afro American Studies.

Librarian for Afro American Studies

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Isabel Espinal
W.E.B. Du Bois Library
University of Massachusetts

Available by appointment. I can meet via phone, Zoom, or other online venue. To request an online appointment or get any other help, please email or call:
Website Skype Contact: isabel.espinal2010

Researching the Civil Rights Movement

Library Guide for Afro Am 236:





Spotlight on Music Online: American Song

Music Online: American Song is a database that allows people to hear and feel the music from America's past. The database includes songs of the Civil Rights Movement. Go to section of database on "Historical Events."

Music, such as:

Liner notes here


Speeches (some include music), such as:

Secondary Sources

Spotlight on Black Panther Party newspaper

From the database Black Thought and Culture

Primary Sources



Newspapers and Magazines

Black newspapers and magazines

Other newspapers and magazines

Film and Video

Spotlight on Historical Pittsburgh Courier

Citation Management

Use a citation manager, such as Zotero to keep track of your research.

Put all your references in one place, create quick and easy bibliographies, build your knowledgebase for the rest of your career. For help, check out the online guides and webinars or Ask a Librarian. 

Some tips on using Chicago notation style with Zotero

Tips for Databases

  1. From off-campus locations, an IT Computer Account is required to access licensed databases.
  2. After you've run a search, use the button (if the database has it) to retrieve articles or to be taken directly to Interlibrary Loan, so you can order the article if UMass does not have it.