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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Veterinary Technology

Selected resources available through UMass and 5 Colleges for Students in the Mount Ida Vet Tech Program or other Animal and Biological Sciences programs at UMass Amherst. Resources include topical selections, general information, and career materials.

Need to make a quick citation? Use an on-the-fly citation generator. Just be sure to check the accuracy!

Resources for writing

Understanding your audience

To create a compelling story, you might want to investigate these three types of sources:

  1. Popular Magazines to get a view into what the public is reading; use the database Academic Search Premier
  2. Newspaper articles - Start with the NY Times - see this guide then other options
  3. Peer-reviewed scholarly research articles
  4. Government information for statistics and legislation; CRS reports are particularly helpful

Database Search Tools

Target your database search by combining these tools with your strategic keywords.

Using quotes "_____"  keeps words together as a phrase.  Example: "Climate Change"

Using parentheses (_____)  collects like terms.  Example: (Sea or Ocean or Coast)

Using an asterisk * at end of of a word returns all the various word endings.  Example: Flood*  for Flood, Flooded, Flooding

Looking at popular magazines to scaffold information

When starting a research project, it is sometimes helpful to search popular magazines to scaffold information and learn the level of information communicated to a public audience.

The database Academic Search Premier is the ONLY database that will let you search specifically for magazine and trade publications.


Career-related print resources available through UMass Amherst