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Libraries Information Literacy Modules

Instructions for Using the Modules with Moodle and Blackboard

These modules can be directly embedded into your course on Blackboard or Moodle using the LTI links (orange icons). The PDF instructions below describe how to use these links.  

If you are using the modules with a website other than Moodle or Blackboard, please use the direct links (green icon) to link to each module.

Academic Integrity

Use this tutorial to provide students with an introduction to the concept that information has value, and that acting with academic integrity and ethical behavior is essential to success as a student and as a participant in the scholarly conversation.

Estimated time: 9:52


This video provides examples and explanations of specific types of plagiarism, such as cloning, aggregation, and self-plagiarism, as well as strategies to prevent plagiarizing and a reminder of the possible consequences of academic dishonesty.

Estimated time: 3:32


This tutorial will provide students with a foundational understanding of the concepts of copyright, intellectual property, fair use, and the public domain.

Estimated time: 13:20