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Libraries Information Literacy Modules

Instructions for Using the Modules with Moodle and Blackboard

These modules can be directly embedded into your course on Blackboard or Moodle using the LTI links (orange icons). The PDF instructions below describe how to use these links.  

If you are using the modules with a website other than Moodle or Blackboard, please use the direct links (green icon) to link to each module.

Information Has Value

Use this tutorial to introduce students to the ACRL Frame Information Has Value. Students will become aware of their roles as information creators and consumers and learn how issues like copyright and the digital divide affect their academic and personal lives.

Estimated time: 13-14 minutes

Data, Information and Knowledge

This video defines and explains the differences and relationships between data, information, and knowledge, and how each might be used or encountered in research.

Estimated time: 4:03

Primary and Secondary Research

This video illustrates the differences between primary (original) research (with a focus on methods used in sciences and social sciences) and secondary research, and the ethical considerations associated with each.

Estimated time (video): 3:22

Estimated time (quiz): 5-8 minutes

Peer Review

This video will provide students with an understanding of what peer review means, how the process works, why it is an indicator of quality, and how to locate peer-reviewed sources during their research process.

Estimated time (video): 2:41

Estimated time (quiz): 5-8 minutes

Types of Sources

This video provides students with a helpful overview of the wide variety of source types they may encounter during research. In addition to defining and describing different source types, it also addresses how to select the appropriate source for their information need, analyzing the capabilities and constraints of different source types, and how to determine source quality.

Estimated time (video): 3:54

Use the tutorial to help students locate and evaluate relevant sources to meet their research needs.

Estimated time (tutoria): 11-15 minutes

Types of Sources

This quiz corresponds with the multimedia on source types.

Estimated time: 5-8 minutes