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Libraries Information Literacy Modules

Instructions for Using the Modules with Moodle and Blackboard

These modules can be directly embedded into your course on Blackboard or Moodle using the LTI links (orange icons). The PDF instructions below describe how to use these links.  

If you are using the modules with a website other than Moodle or Blackboard, please use the direct links (green icon) to link to each module.

Evaluating Sources

Use this video to encourage students to think critically about the information they encounter in print and online. Students will become familiar with strategies for evaluating sources based on these criteria: authority, accuracy, currency, relevance, and objectivity.

Estimated time: 3:47

Evaluating Information

Students will learn how to evaluate a range of resources in order to select the most authoritative sources on their research topic.

Estimated time: 14-15 minutes

Understanding Misinformation

This video will help students identify the characteristics and purpose of misinformation as well as its effect on their personal and academic lives.

Estimated time: 12-15 minutes

Evaluating Digital Sources Using Lateral Reading

Students are introduced to lateral reading as a strategy for determining the reliability of a source. 

Estimated time: 23 - 24 minutes


Synthesis is the combination of information to form a cohesive view of a topic, issue, or event. Information may include evidence such as data sets, quotes and opinions, or research findings. Students will learn how to bring together ideas from multiple sources, including identifying main ideas, reconciling conflicting information, and paraphrasing and summarizing techniques. 

Estimated time: 9-10 minutes

Synthesizing Information for Academic Writing

In this tutorial, students will become familiar with incorporating information synthesis throughout the research process and applying the principles of information synthesis.

Estimated time (tutorial): 11-13 minutes

Estimated time (quiz): 5-8 minutes

Annotated Bibliography

Students will become familiar with annotated bibliographies and the role annotations play in research and scholarship. Use this tutorial to help students identify the purpose, structure, and content of annotated bibliographies and create their own annotations.

Estimated time: 16-18 minutes