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UMass Amherst Libraries

Mass Aggie Seed Library

Tentative plans for Spring 2021

The Mass Aggie Seed Library will remain closed but will once again be offering seeds via mail.  At this time, we are still processing donated seeds (feel free to send any you saved) and asking for donations from organic open-pollinated seed companies.

We cannot guarantee what seed varieties we will get, so if there is something special you are looking to grow, we would suggest purchasing that variety from your favorite seed company if you are able.

Check the Mass Aggie Seed Library website for when the request seeds via mail form will go up, we suspect sometime in late February or early March.

Returning seeds to the seed library Fall 2020

Share the bounty by saving and returning seeds to the Mass Aggie Seed Library 

Hello Mass Aggie Seed Library patrons,

I hope your pandemic gardens are growing well after a difficult start to the seed starting season.  Each growing cycle brings new challenges.  For example, the dry spring motivated me to get my act together with some rainwater collecting barrels.  

I hope you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, and you will soon turn your attention to saving seeds.  Since each plant and seed saving procedure is different, I encourage you to use your favorite internet search engine to research seed saving methods (for example, "how to save poppy seeds"). There are many great videos and how-to sites.  And remember, this is a learning experiment and experience is the best teacher.


If you would like to return seeds to the Mass Aggie Seed Library for sharing, the best way is to mail them since the physical UMass Libraries are closed to the public.  The Mass Aggie Seed Library accepts donations of open-pollinated seeds (no hybrids) and would prefer organic seeds if possible. 

Please collect as much information as possible about the seed variety.   This helps people next year know what they are getting.  I will transfer the donated seeds to Mass Aggie Seed Library envelopes for storage.  Each envelope has the following label for information.  It is my hope you will be able to visit in-person in the next growing season. 


The mailing address is:

Paulina Borrego
Mass Aggie Seed Library 
Science & Engineering Library 
Lederle Graduate Center Lowrise 
740 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA  01003

Be well, and grow resilience and generosity - Paulina 

Current Status

Currently, the Mass Aggie Seed Library is closed along with the UMass Amherst Science & Engineering Library. 
Sow seeds of resilience and generosity.



A seed is a dream encased in hope.

Mass Aggie Seed Library - Located in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Science & Engineering Library


Mass Aggie Seed Library

The Mass Aggie Seed Library is housed in the Science & Engineering Library located in the Lederle Graduate Research Center Lowrise at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The Seed Library is normally open for all to use on a self-service basis during the hours the Science & Engineering Library is open.

For more information, contact: Librarian Paulina Borrego