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Seed Library

Mass Aggie Seed Library - Spring 2020

As of May 1st, the form to request seeds is now closed

due to the overwhelming response depleting our seed stock.

Request seeds to be delivered via mail

Since the UMass Amherst Libraries is closed for the foreseeable future, the Mass Aggie Seed Library is experimenting with taking seed requests and sending them via mail.  

Due to the overwhelming request for seeds depleting our stock, we are now only able to send two seed packets per request.

Please note what you would like on the most basic level - carrots, peas, beans, tomato, summer squash, basil, marigold, etc. and we will send you some variety from that category.  We have a number of vegetables, annual flowers, and herbs available. We have deliberately not posted the inventory online due to its changing nature and the inability to guarantee specific requests.  This is a you-get-what-you-get experiment.

Each seed request will be in a Mass Aggie Seed Check-out envelope with the seed variety and supplier noted.  We are unable to fill out each check-out envelope with the growing parameters.  For particular growing instructions, go the website of the supplier noted and look up that seed variety.

If the form is closed, you might want to explore other seed libraries in Massachusetts.

Mass Aggie Seed Library Seed Request Form

Current Status

Currently, the Mass Aggie Seed Library is closed along with the UMass Amherst Science & Engineering Library. 
Sow seeds of resilience and generosity.


A seed is a dream encased in hope.

Mass Aggie Seed Library - Located in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Science & Engineering Library


Mass Aggie Seed Library

The Mass Aggie Seed Library is housed in the Science & Engineering Library located in the Lederle Graduate Research Center Lowrise at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The Seed Library is open for all to use on a self-service basis during the hours the Science & Engineering Library is open.

For more information, contact: Librarian Paulina Borrego


Mass Aggie Seed Library - Images from our roots

Philip H. Smith with bags of vegetable seeds  / Philip Henry Smith of the Class of 1897, became a Professor of Chemistry at the Hatch Experiment Station in the early 1900's. / UNIVERSITY PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION