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UMass Amherst Libraries

Mass Aggie Seed Library

Advice on Saving Seed

I am happy to help you learn about saving seeds.  Please reach out to me to chat about the particular type of plant you are growing and the best conditions and time for seed saving.


Returning seeds to the seed library

Share the bounty by saving and returning seeds to the Mass Aggie Seed Library 

Hello Mass Aggie Seed Library patrons,

If you would like to return seeds to the Mass Aggie Seed Library for sharing, the best way is to mail them since the physical UMass Libraries are closed to the public.  The Mass Aggie Seed Library accepts donations of open-pollinated seeds (no hybrids) and would prefer organic seeds if possible. Please note we do not accept patented seeds or varieties protected by the Plant Variety Protection Act.

Please collect as much information as possible about the seed variety.   This helps people next year know what they are getting.  I will transfer the donated seeds to Mass Aggie Seed Library envelopes for storage.  Each envelope has the following label for information.  It is my hope you will be able to visit in person sometime in the summer.

Since each plant and seed saving procedure is different, I encourage you to use your favorite internet search engine to research seed-saving methods (for example, "how to save poppy seeds"). There are many great videos and how-to sites.  And remember, this is a learning experiment, and experience is the best teacher.



Be well, and grow resilience and generosity - Paulina 

UMass Permaculture Garden Seed Saving

Many thanks to the student volunteers and Daniel Bensonoff for their seed saving efforts. 


Seed Saving and Patron Donated Seed

Patron Donated Seed 


Seed Processing and Cleaning