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UMass Amherst Libraries

Mass Aggie Seed Library

Who can use the Seed Library?

The Mass Aggie Seed Library is normally open for all to use on a self-service basis during the hours the Science & Engineering Library is open.

Books in the seed library are available for loan through the Commonwealth Catalog as well as though the UMass Library system.

If you wish to borrow seed equipment, you will need to have a borrower's card.  Information on getting a borrower's card can be found here:

Seed Borrowing


Seed Checkout

1. Look through the seed cabinet and choose the seeds you would like to grow (or look through the spreadsheet of inventory on the computer in the seed library - although this may not be as up to date).

2. Take a small portion of the seeds from their envelope in the cabinet and place them into a blank envelope. These can be found on the top of the seed cabinet labeled Seed Checkout Envelopes.

3.  If you take the last of the seeds in the seed packet, or if you come across an empty seed packet in the catalog, please place the empty seed packet in the box labeled “Empty Seed Packets.”

4. Copy the information for each seed variety onto the seed checkout envelope.

5. Fill out the Seed Checkout Log so we can track popular types of seed and community borrowing practices.

6. Take the seeds home and plant them in your garden. Please pay special attention to pollination methods and isolation distances when planting your seeds; for more on this, please refer to the book “Seed to Seed” by Suzanne Ashworth.

7. Tend your plants through the season and allow some of your crop to reach full maturity. Harvest seeds from a selection of your healthiest plants. For more on growing for and harvesting healthy seeds, see A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers from the Seed Alliance:

8. Please bring seeds from healthy plants back to our seed cabinet, so that we can maintain our collection.


Seed Donation


Seed Donation

1. Place each type of seed you collected into a blank “Seed Donation Envelope” available in the seed library cabinet.

2. Fill out as much of the information on the envelope that you can for each seed variety donated.

3. Place the envelope into the metal basket labeled “Place Completed Seed Donation Envelopes Here.”

4. Fill out the Seed Donation Log so we can track popular types of seed and community borrowing practices.