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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mass Aggie Seed Library

Getting ready for Spring 2024

Seeds are still sleeping and dreaming of the bounty to come.  In the meantime, learn and grow.

Rise and Shine" series of seed-starting videos from Fruition Seeds

Freed Seed Federation Seed School Series.

The Seed Growers Podcast
by Dan Brisebois.

Purchased and donated seed packets are being sorted, and older packets are being culled from the seed collection (and placed into the 'Who knows' drawers).  New packets will be added to the cabinet of goodness beginning early March.


Spring 2024 Nature Community Photo Exhibit



Mass Aggie Seed Library and the International Programs Office
Spring 2024 Nature Community Photo Exhibit
Share your love of plants, gardens, and landscapes by submitting a photo.

Near or far, something plant, garden, or landscape themed.

Submissions now closed.  Exhibit begins Monday, March 6, 2024.
Questions contact Paulina Borrego 



I am away on sabbatical studying all things seeds.  For now, Seed Frenzy Workshops and the Seed Library Ambassador Volunteer Program are on pause.

The Mass Aggie Seed Library remains open and will be restocked for the spring 2024 season.

If you wish to donate seeds, please make sure to use the Mass Aggie Seed Library envelopes provided and fill in as much information as possible to help inform others.  If you need a supply of donation envelopes mailed to you, please contact me

Mass Aggie Seed Library

The Mass Aggie Seed Library is housed in the Science & Engineering Library located in the Lederle Graduate Research Center Lowrise at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  The Seed Library is open for all to use on a self-service, non-mediated basis during the hours the Science & Engineering Library is open.


Are you coming to visit the Mass Aggie Seed Library for the first time from off-campus?

The Science & Engineering Library is open Monday - Friday, and Sunday's.  Please feel free to contact me for a personal tour.  The seed library is completely self-serve and non-mediated.  And please remember to sign the guest book!

Science & Engineering Library is located in the Lederle Lowrise on the very north end of campus.  

Spring 2023

What’s new in the Mass Aggie Seed Library Spring 2024?
New things you might notice: 

Some drawers are labeled by family 

The card catalog seed drawers are a bit messy (overflowing with goodness)

Separate drawers with mystery seeds labeled "Who Knows"

With patrons returning donated seeds in a variety of packaging, the seed envelope sizes are uneven, and therefore, the seed drawers are a bit messy to accommodate the variety of envelope sizes. 

"Who Knows" contains those seeds that do not meet our mission of organic, open-pollinated seeds, items donated with unclear labeling, or those seeds out of date.  Instead of throwing them away, we offer them this understanding as a way to learn about seed issues.  Be Curious - ask us why they are separated from the other seeds!  What makes them different?


Mass Aggie Seed Library Seed Donation Form

Mass Aggie Seed Library - Located in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Science & Engineering Library