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Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

General guide for library research in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Library and Online Career Resources Geared to WGSS Majors and Beyond

What can you do with a WGSS degree?

Career paths of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies graduates

This web page takes you to the many varied vocational trajectories for WGSS majors. 

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Career Exploring

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Provides overviews of occupations and projections for employment over the next decade, by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

O*NET OnLine

Free online resource providing information about occupations by the US Department of Labor and Employment and Training Administration.

Career OneStop

Salary Research

Websites for salary research

Articles of interest regarding salaries

Do college grads make more money than non college grads?
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Does your major impact earnings?  In the short run?  In the long run?
Philosophy Degrees and Sales Jobs An article from the online journal Inside Higher Ed

Over Time, Humanities Grads Close the Pay Gap With Professional Peers An article from the journal The Chronicle of Higher Education

Does a liberal arts degree lead to low pay? Not necessarily An article from CBS News


How much do grads of different schools earn?