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Chemical Engineering

Current Chemical Prices

Current prices for bulk industrial chemicals are often reported in trade journals such as Chemical Week and ICIS Chemical Business (formerly Chemical Market Reporter).  Search the journals by limiting to the publication name and then adding the keywords.  Search for the name of the chemical or the chemical abbreviation and keyword terms such as "price" and "production."

Try these business databases to search the trade journals:

Try these links for current chemical prices from suppliers.

Estimating Chemical Prices with a Producer Price Index (PPI)

Present-day chemical prices can be estimated from historical chemical prices using a Producer Price Index (PPI), such as those produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for chemical and allied products, using the method described in Hubbard (2021):

Updated Price = Old Price x (PPI at New Date)/(PPI at Old Date)

See Hubbard, D. E. (2021, March), Efficacy of Using Producer Price Indexes for Bulk Chemical Prices in Student Design Projects Paper presented at ASEE 2021 Gulf-Southwest Annual Conference, Waco, Texas.