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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Chemical Engineering

Find Books in the Five Colleges Libraries Collection

  1. Use Discovery Search's Advanced Search
  2. Search for the title or author of the book or use keywords that describe your topic
  3. Refine your results by format: select Books and/or eBooks
  4. Locate your book
    1. eBooks: follow the UMass: Link to resource to access the full text
    2. Books: note the call number and location (eg. UMass Amherst Science & Engineering Library) or place a request to have the book delivered for pick-up at a UMass Library

Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Handbooks are a good source of data.

Encyclopedias provide a great source of background information on a topic. They can also help you find topics of interest.

Open Textbooks and Other Online Resources