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A guide to UMass Amherst's open access digital repository.

Pre-Print, Post-Print, or Publisher Version?

The version of the published article or book chapter that you can upload to ScholarWorks depends in part on our campus Open Access Policy and your publisher's policies.  Publishers use a number of terms to distinguish these verions, but these are the most popular:

  • Pre-print - this is the intially submitted version of your manuscript prior to acceptance and peer-review
  • Post-print - this is also referred to as the author's final manuscript.  It has been peer-reviewed and contains all the revisions during the review process.  However, it has not been copy-edited or formatted by the publisher.  Publishers will occasionally refer to post-prints as accepted author manuscripts (AAMs).
  • Published version - this is the final version of the article or book chapter as formatted by the publisher.  It can also be referred to as the version of record.

If you have published your article or book chapter in a fully open access journal or book, you may upload the published version to ScholarWorks.  Otherwise, the campus Open Access Policy allows you to upload the post-print of any book chapter or journal article published since April 2016 to ScholarWorks without any embargo regardless of publisher policy.

Depending on your funder and other publisher policies (if applicable), you might be able to upload the published version to ScholarWorks.  If you're feeling unsure about which version is the right version, please email


Streaming Media

ScholarWorks will automatically embed audio and video files so that they'll stream directly from an item's landing page!

Closed captions are automatically generated for video files when an accompanying transcript file is uploaded with the video.  When working with audio files, we request that users submit written transcripts so that our media will be accessible to all users.





Working papers, reports, conference presentations, and more

We can use ScholarWorks to showcase your conference presentations, working papers, and reports in addition to your published articles and book chapters.


Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)

All graduate students are required to submit their theses and dissertations to ScholarWorks as part of their degree requirements.

Please see the Dissertation & Theses Guide for more information on that submission process.