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The University of Massachusetts Amherst


A guide to UMass Amherst's open access digital repository.

ScholarWorks Migration

The UMass Amherst Libraries are migrating ScholarWorks@UMassAmherst to a new open source platform. We expect to complete this migration in June 2024. This page will serve as an FAQ for the migration and more details will be added in January 2024.

Many of our journals and conference proceedings have already been moved to a new publishing platform, available at

What are we doing?

  • We are moving the contents of ScholarWork—any item with a URL—from one software platform (Digital Commons) to another (DSpace)
  • Some of our open access journals and conference proceedings that are published through ScholarWorks have already been moved to a new publishing platform (Janeway): 

Why are we doing this?

  • We are moving from proprietary software owned and hosted by Elsevier to an open source and community-governed platform hosted by a service provider (Atmire).
  • DSpace is interoperable with other products that the Libraries and campus support (ORCID, SCOPUS, DataCite, single-sign on, etc.).
  • DSpace offers more flexibility for different types of materials such as datasets, complext objects, and audiovisual materials.

Will this affect the download statistics of my works in ScholarWorks?

  • We will migrate download totals as of the end of March 2024 (see timeline below), which will appear as totals in each item description.  Download statistics will continue to appear for each item on the new platform and the numbers will start with the cumulative total pulled from ScholarWorks. 
  • DSpace does not currently support an author dashboard or automated monthly readership reports, but usage statistics will continue to be visible on each item page.  If you're interested in alternative methods of tracking your research impacts, please see our Research Impact Indicators and Metrics Guide.

Can I continue using SelectedWorks/Expert Gallery Suite (

  • In the spring of 2023, bepress announced that this platform will be retired as of December 31, 2024.
  • After our contract with bepress ends (June 30, 2024), these profiles will continue to exist, but all UMass branding will be replaced with standard bepress branding. Researchers will still have full editing privileges for their profiles, but library staff will not.
  • We're happy to help you identify alternatives. We recommend and provide support for building your public ORCID profile wiht your works and other professional activities.

Will links in the current version of ScholarWorks be redirected?

  • Yes, any item with a URL will be redirected once all content has been migrated to DSpace.

Will all of my work move to the new platform?

  • Yes, all content in ScholarWorks will move to the new platform. We are stll identifying the best solution for the content in SelectedWorks/Expert Gallery Suite. You can link to our works on the new ScholarWorks platform from your ORCID profile.

What is the current timeline of this project?

  • As of January 2024, we anticipate implementing a content freeze in ScholarWorks at the start of April 2024.  This content freeze will apply to both ScholarWorks and SelectedWorks/Expert Gallery Suite.
  • Graduate students submitting theses, dissertations, and DNP capstones for May degrees are exempt from this content freeze.
  • We anticipate completing the migration in May 2024, but realize that migration timelines are subject to change based on the scope of the project and the amount of content we need to move.  
  • All content must be moved from ScholarWorks to the new site by the end of June 2024.

Who can I contact if I have questions about this migration?

What is ScholarWorks?

Many universities, colleges, and research institutions have their own digital repositories meant to showcase the scholarly, research, and creative outputs of their community members.  These repositories are often referred to as institutional repositories.  Our campus’ institutional repository, ScholarWorks, was established in July 2006 and is managed by the University Libraries.

ScholarWorks also functions as a resource through which our campus authors can comply with the campus Open Access Policy.

Most content in ScholarWorks is organized by academic departments or research centers or institutes. This allows these units to better showcase the kinds of work they do all in one easily browsable location.

What can you share in ScholarWorks?:

  • Scholarly articles
  • Working papers and reports
  • Podcasts
  • Data
  • Conference proceedings and presentations
  • Open access monographs
  • Open educational resources 
  • Syllabi and other course materials
  • Graduate student theses and dissertations

We also support the publication of open access journals and conference and event proceedings through ScholarWorks.

ScholarWorks provides authors with monthly readership reports, open licensing options, stable URLs, and Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).

More information on repositories and preprint servers can be found in our Open Scholarship & Scholarly Publishing Guide.

Contact the ScholarWorks team for more information!