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The University of Massachusetts Amherst


A guide to UMass Amherst's open access digital repository.

How Content is Organized in ScholarWorks

For the most part, content in ScholarWorks is organized by College and then by department or program.  Most authors will submit content to collections within their home department in ScholarWorks (see the Communication department in ScholarWorks for example).  This structure can be seen by navigating to ScholarWorks and then clicking on Schools, Colleges, and Departments:

Screenshot showing collections within the College of Natural Sciences in ScholarWorks

Within each department or program, collections are created based on the type of content our authors want to share (e.g. working papers, presentations, publications, etc.).  

Collections that permit self-submissions, including graduate dissertations and theses, can be found on the Submit Research page:

Screenshot of ScholarWorks homepage with the Submit Research link circled

From the Submit Research, click on the collection that you'd like to submit your work to and you'll be taken to that collection's submission form. Some collections are managed by a departmental administrator and therefore do not have a visible submission link for users. 

Collections that allow author self-submissions will also contain a submit link in the right hand menu under "Author Corner".

Screenshot of the Author Corner menu in ScholarWorks

If you'd like to submit your work, but don't see your department, program, an appropriate collection, or a submission link please email