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Example Citations for Business Sources

BCC Research

BCC Research Staff. (2019, March). Wearable medical devices: Technologies and global markets.

Census Data

Find the permalink to cite the Census table directly whenever possible, rather than the various visualization tools such as Census Business Builder, which do not usually have permalinks.

U.S. Census Bureau. (2017). Construction: Summary statistics for the U.S., states, and selected geographies (Table EC1723BASIC) [Data set].

U.S. Department of Commerce.

eMarketer Pro

Briggs, P., Dolliver, M., Kim, A., Koch, L., & Wurmser, Y. (2020, February). Canada digital habits by generation: Identifying key distinctions across

age groups, from teens to baby boomers. eMarketer.


If the report has a unique identifier number, use it in parentheses after the title. In this case, include a more specific description in the brackets than just [Industry report] as is often used elsewhere, because IBIS has risk and other reports, as well as other levels of industry reports, and sometimes the titles and numbers are the same.

Diment, D. (2019, December). Corporate wellness services (OD4621) [U.S. specialized industry report]. IBISWorld.

MarketLine Advantage

Marketline. (2019). Renewable energy in Mexico [Industry profile].

/ViewasPDF/mexico-renewable-energy-93430 Academic

Kalorama. (2019, September). Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare [Market report]. Academic: https://www-

Mintel Academic

Failla, J. (2020, April). Quick service restaurants - US. Mintel.

Citation examples adapted from:

Schemm, N., Dellenbach, M., Grisham, Z., Hageman, M., Tingle, N., Trowbridge, M., & Wheatley, A. (2020). APA 7th ed. citation for business