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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

German 697 CE - Central European Cinema

Interlibrary Loan

What if I can't access an article that I need through the Five Colleges?

Normally you would be able to use Interlibrary Loan to submit a request for an article and the Libraries will arrange to have a PDF of it sent to your email. We are waiting to learn more about whether this service will be available going forward.

Find Articles

Where can I search for articles?

Discovery Search lets you search for electronic articles in periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade publications.

Keep in mind that Discovery Search does not show you all the articles that you have access to through the Libraries. Explore the Libraries databases and the E-Journal Search tool to expand your horizons!

You can limit your results to these formats using the limiters on the left-hand side of the results page.

Screenshot of Discovery Search format limiter

How can I improve the efficiency of my searching?

For more powerful searching, incorporate Boolean operators and other characters into your search construction. These tell the search engine how to make sense of what you've entered.

The first search below does not use Boolean operators and returned half as many articles as the second search which does.

Screenshot of Discovery Search fields


Screenshot of Discovery Search fields

How do I find electronic periodicals (magazines, journals, trade publications)?

E-Journal Search is a tool that allows you to search for electronic periodicals that you know the title of (ex. Film Quarterly or Slavic Review).

This tool can be accessed from the UMass Amherst Libraries homepage by changing the dropdown selection to the left of the search bar or by clicking the link below.

Screenshot of the dropdown on the Libraries homepage

Which periodicals should I search for?

There are many curated lists of periodicals online if you need inspiration. Film periodicals are worth exploring as are area studies (i.e. German studies, Slavic studies, etc.) journals.