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Managing Your Data

Take care of the products of your research -- the tips here will help your work be available long into the future!

Share your data

Sharing your data requires planning and work throughout the life of your research. From data generation to data sharing, capturing the details will facilitate reuse and improve confidence in your work.

Use the links below to learn more about how to prepare your data for future use and re-use.

Prepare for sharing Plan for future use Review special concerns

Give context to your data. Provide contextual details for your data which will improve yours and others future interpretation.

Broaden your audience. Determine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of sharing data. 

Address special concerns around data. Mitigate risks when sharing sensitive or confidential data.

Give context to your methodology. Provide the details that lead to your data - how you gather, clean, prepare, analyze, and interpret your data.

Consider future applications of your data. Describe the long-term and future uses of your work.

Report out on research products. Determine how to share all products of your research.

Define your data workflow. Outline the steps your data takes - from data generation to preservation.

License your data and research products. Clearly articulate how others can use your work.

Support open science. Advocate for the democratization of science.