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Chinese 670/691A Research in Chinese Studies

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When you are using library catalogs you need to be aware that library systems use a different word division than most Sinologists. Libraries divide up each syllable except for names and place names. When in doubt, search using Chinese characters and check the results.

  • library catalog entry: Si ku quan shu
  • bibliography entry: Siku quanshu
  • Library catalog entry: Zhongguo gu dai wen xue ci dian
  • bibliography entry: Zhongguo gudai wenxue cidian



UMass has a subscription to ChinaMaxx, which is a database of over 780,000 titles published in China. Our subscription allows you to see the first 17 pages of any book in the database. If you want the library to purchase full-access to the book, please use the "recommend" 推荐 button, and I (Sharon Domier) will purchase it for our virtual collection. 

Make sure you CLICK the box to the right of the search button! Otherwise you will get no hits on all searches!

You may enter search by keywords or browse by categories. You may also search within particular categories. If you choose Advanced Search, you can do a combination search of author, title, keyword and limit to particular years. You may order your results by title, author, or year of publication. Please use simplified Chinese for searching.  

You may not print out or save the entire book as a pdf. That capability is not included in this database.

Please send your questions to   and enjoy!

We are slowly starting to purchase Chinese ebooks that are available through (Proquest) Ebook Central. You can search using Chinese characters or you can browse by language using the language filter to the right.