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Japanese 536/537: Library Guide for Sono Sensei's Class

Yomidasu Rekishikan ヨミダス歴史館

About the database

Yomidasu Rekishikan  (ヨミダス歴史館) is a database that contains more than 10 million articles, from its first issue in 1874 through to present day. The content is divided into 4 parts: Heisei Reiwa, Meiji Taisho Showa, Japan News,  and Gendai Jinmeiroku.
  • Meiji Taisho Showa (明治・大正・昭和database contains the historic archive of scanned articles published during the period of 1874 to 1989.
  • Heisei Reiwa (平成・令和) contains Japanese language articles from Yomiuri Shimbun since 1986.
  • The Daily Yomiuri contains articles from the English language edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun English edition since 1989.
  •  Gendai Jinmeiroku (現代人名録) is a Who's Who of current key persons in Japan.

Yomidasu Rekishikan also features four dictionaries, 国語辞書 英和辞書 和英辞書 and イミダス(current words) to help you with your searching and reading. 

Please visit individual guides shown at the tabs for the details and usage of each database and feature.
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Many thanks to Setsuko Noguchi and Ayako Yoshimura at the U of Wisconsin for creating the original of this guide. They saved me so much time and I hope this helps you to use the database more effectively.