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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Japanese 536/537: Library Guide for Sono Sensei's Class

Scholarly Articles 雑誌記事・論文

Japan Knowledge


We have access to 日本の論点 (Nihon no ronten) through our Japan Knowledge subscription. Nihon no ronten has been published as an annual publication for many years, but is now also available online. Scholars, journalists, and opinion makers write about subjects that are attracting attention in the press. Often the articles are accompanied by 基礎知識 (kiso chishiki) so that you can pick up the background informationYou can browse by subject, year, author, or do a keyword search to find articles that interest you.


Shukan Ekonomisuto is another journal that is available to you through Japan Knowledge. As its title says, its focus is on Economics.


週刊朝日 is a weekly journal. It includes photographic essays, columns, serial fiction, and some book reviews. UMass has a subscription to the print journal:  

LOCATION: UM W.E.B. Du Bois / AP95 .J2 S5 / Per


UMass has a subscription to Chuo Koron. It is one of the leading general 総合雑誌 interest magazines in Japan. 

LOCATION: UM W.E.B. Du Bois / AP95 .J2 C5 / Per

Some articles are also available online through their website.


Aera is a really great source of reading material. It is a lot time Time magazine. Smith College has a subscription to it, so you can go there to read the articles. But you can also look at their website to see the what is in the most recent issue and you can read some articles online. 

Vocabulary for Journal Articles

Frequently used terms:

雑誌記事索引                zasshi kiji sakuin (index to articles published in journals)

論文検索    ronbun kensaku (search for articles)

詳細検索    shōsai kensaku (advanced search)

論文/論題 ronbun mei/rondai mei (title of article)

著者      chosha mei (name of author)

刊行物/雑誌/    kankōbutsu mei/zasshi mei/ (title of the journal)

掲載誌                 keisai shi (      published in)

ISSN        International Standard Serial Number (8 digits long)

         kan (volume)

          gō (number/issue)

出版      shuppan nen (year of publication

出版/発行所      shuppansha/hakkōsho     (publisher)

類語辞典            ruigo jiten (thesaurus)

検索        kensaku (search)

消去        shōkyo (cancel)