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UMass Amherst Libraries

Japanese 536/537: Library Guide for Sono Sensei's Class

Japanese E-Books/E-Manga


Library Catalogs 図書&雑誌名

Vocabulary for Using Library Catalogs

詳細検索 しょうさいけんさく advanced search

タイトル  title of the book or journal

著者名 ちょうしゃめい author

著者名典拠ID ちょうしゃめいてんきょID  -- specific ID number assigned to an author, so people with the same name don't get mixed together.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number (10 or 13 digits). Each book published should have a unique number

ISSN - International Standard Serial Number (8 digits, often shown 4-4). Each journal title (not issue) is assigned a unique number

件名 けんめい - subject heading 

分類 ぶんるい - classification number 

資料種別 しりょうしゅべつ  - by type of material

  図書 としょ - books/monographs

  雑誌 ざっし - journals/magazines 

  楽譜 がくふ music scores 

  地図 ちず - maps 

  書写資料 しょしゃしりょう - manuscripts (unpublished materials)