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Japanese - Guide to Using Yomidasu Rekishikan

The Yomidasu Rekishikan is a subscription database to the Yomiuri Newspaper. Please access it through the Libraries' Database page

Yomiuri Newspaper supplied dictionary

The editorial staff at the Yomiuri Newspaper have tagged words in articles to provide more information about those terms. These tagged words are clear by the blue font indicating a link. Click on it to see the explanation and then click on the x in the top right hand corner to close the explanation. 

If you find this feature annoying, you can turn it off by clicking on the button 用語辞書をOFF. This is a toggle button, so you can turn it back on anytime. 

dictionary options

4 other dictionaries.

There are also 4 dictionaries that can be used within Yomidasu. 

Japanese dictionary 国語辞書,  Japanese-English dictionary 和英辞書, English-Japanese dictionary 英和辞書, and Imidas イミダス (current terms dictionary) 

You can use it by highlighting the word you want to look up and then clicking on the dictionary you want to use. A new screen will open up with the definition. 

4 dictionaries available