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Japanese - Guide to Using Yomidasu Rekishikan

The Yomidasu Rekishikan is a subscription database to the Yomiuri Newspaper. Please access it through the Libraries' Database page


The top page contains a whole lot of useful information.  At the very top on the right you will see the logout button in red and a language toggle. If the menu items are in Japanese, the language toggle will say English. If you click on English, the menu items will change into English and the language toggle will say 日本語.

language toggle

The top search box is a cross-search feature. The Japanese is 横断検索 (yokodan kensaku). Using this box lets you search across all the information and the results will show you how many hits you got in each section. If you are searching in Japanese, it won't look for hits in the Japan News (English) section, so you will need to search that separately.

There are also help guides available as pdfs if you are having trouble printing or searching. 


And then below that is a fabulous set of articles that have been curated by Yomiuri staff on your behalf. From hot topics to serialized novels of the Meiji period, and advertisements, there is a huge amount of information here that can be tricky to find other wise.