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Japanese - Guide to Using Yomidasu Rekishikan

The Yomidasu Rekishikan is a subscription database to the Yomiuri Newspaper. Please access it through the Libraries' Database page

Japan News

This database provides selected articles from The Daily Yomiuri, English edition of Yomiuri Shimbun, from September 1989 to May, 1992. Articles are chosen from editorial column, commentaries, and articles that contribute to understanding Japan.  Since June 1992 to the current, the database covers most of the articles except some categories such as TV programs or stock information.

Some articles have links to the Japanese language equivalent, so you may find it helpful to do your searching and reviewing in English and then click over to get the Japanese text. Look for this button 

How to Use

Dictionary search is what it says it is. A dictionary search. The Glossary and Reference button will open up a group of resources for looking up dates, government information, and other useful resources. 

If you want to do boolean searching (combining or eliminating terms - type in your first term and then click on the button "and" "or" or "not" and type in your next term. 

The Japan News search box


Here is an example of using the combining search of foreigners AND manga. My keywords are shown in red. I can see the date, title of the article, what page of the paper it appeared on, and the length of the article. Also, the circular arrows tell me when an article appears in both Japanese and English.