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Japanese - Guide to Using Yomidasu Rekishikan

The Yomidasu Rekishikan is a subscription database to the Yomiuri Newspaper. Please access it through the Libraries' Database page

About Meiji Taisho Showa

Meiji Taisho Showa (明治大正昭和) database contains images of articles from Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo edition from 1874 (Meiji 7) to 1989(Showa 64). Images include advertisements on the paper as well.

The database is searchable by modern Japanese. Red pin sign indicates the searched article on the screen, which helps to find articles without headlines.

See "How to search" and "Example" below.

How to search

Rather than translate and tag all the options in the search screen, it is really just easier to click on the English toggle button and change the display to English, while remembering that you need to search using Japanese. 

meiji taisho showa search box


The results page gives you quite a bit of information to help you decide which articles you want to read. 

The date, the title of the article, the edition it appeared in, the section of the paper, the page number, the place on the page, and whether it has charts/illustrations or photographs. 

meiji taisho showa results page