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Guide for Library Research in Anthropology

Journals & Articles

Where can I find anthropology articles?

How do I search in eHRAF databases?

If the interface and search tools of eHRAF databases are unfamiliar to you, check out these tutorials:

Where can I find biology articles?

Where can I find cultural articles?

Where can I find linguistics articles?

Where can I find electronic journals, magazines, and newspapers?

Screenshot of e-journal search interface

You can search by the title of the publication or enter its ISSN. An ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique number assigned to journals, magazines, and newspapers to help eliminate confusion even when publications have similar titles.

When you find the publication you're looking for, click on it. This will open a window showing you all of the access options through the Libraries.

Screenshot of the SFX view for a journal

Below each access option, you'll find the years of that publication available to you.