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French/Italian 572 - Basic Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

Subject headings

Each book that is added to the library receives one or more Library of Congress subject headings that tell what the books is about. They function similar to hashtags in that they make it possible to easily find books on a particular topic even when authors use different terms in their book titles (ex. second language acquisition vs. second language learning).

For example:

The book, Set the Stage!: Teaching Italian through Theater has the following subject headings:

If you had do a keyword search for second language acquisition, this book does not show up in the result because the author doesn't use those terms in the title; however; a subject search for DE "Italian language -- Study and teaching -- Foreign speakers" will show it.

Subject headings of interest

To limit the results to books, select "Books" and "eBooks" under format on the left of the page.


When you find a promising book in Discovery Search, take a look at the subject headings assigned to it. You can click on interesting subject headings to view all of the other books in the Five College Library that have been given that subject heading as well.

If you want to see even more books with a particular subject heading, copy the text from the Discovery search bar into the WorldCat one and search. This will show you lots of books that we don't have in the Five College Libraries but which can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.