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UMass Amherst Libraries

Native American & Indigenous Studies

A general library research guide for Native American & Indigenous Studies at UMass Amherst.


Databases are very focussed search engines. These below have scholarly and community resources on all kinds of topics relating to North American Indians.


  1. From off-campus, an OIT Computer Account is required to access licensed databases.
  2. Use RefWorks to manage your citations and create your bibliography.
  3. After you've run a search, use the Check+availability+in button  to retrieve or request articles.


  • America: History and Life
    Citations and abstracts for journal articles, dissertations, and book reviews relating to United States and Canadian history.
    Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

  • AnthroSource - The full text of the 32 journals published by the American Anthropological Association, some dating back to the nineteenth century. Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

  • Bibliography of Native North Americans - Citations to books, essays, journal articles, and government documents on all aspects of native North American culture, history, and life from pre-history to the present, with some coverage back to the sixteenth century. Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

  • Ethnic Newswatch - Full-text articles from newspapers, magazines and journals of Native American Indian and other ethnic communities in the United States. Publications include: News From Indian Country, Akwesasne Notes, Indian Country Today, Pequot Times, and The Seminole Tribune, among many more. Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

  • Google Scholar - The same Google interface most people are familiar with -- but it searches only scholarly, academic information, rather than the whole Web. From the library website, Google Scholar is connected to our online journals and our Interlibrary Loan service, so you will not need to pay for articles as you might outside the library website. Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

Finding Books

TIP: When you look for a particular book on the shelf, make sure to browse the shelf and nearby shelves for related books. Take your time! Open the books!



To find books at UMass, you have two options.

  1. Start with the general search box on the library home page,  
    • This catalog gives you access to libraries and collections throughout North America and beyond! It starts with UMass but does not limit you to our catalog.
    • Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks!
  2. Or, use the Five Colleges Library Catalog.
    • This catalog lets you search in some very specifc ways, for example, by Library of Congress Subject Heading. Be as specific as possible in your searching. Start with a subject search (use keyword if subject yields no results). Search by author, title, subject, keyword, call number, journal title, etc. For materials on a specific subject, enter your term(s) into the Subject or Keyword search boxes. See below for some examples of relevant subject headings in Native American Indian Studies.

The standard subject heading for the whole of native communities in North America is: Indians of North America. This broad term returns over 5000 entries, which can be browsed for more specific subheadings.

For works on specific communities, most headings follow the format "[community/nation] Indians". Examples:

There are many other possible subject searches. For example:

Use RefWorks

Use RefWorks to keep track of your research.

Put all your references in RefWorks, create quick and easy bibliographies, build your knowledgebase.


1. Set up your account by clicking on the RefWorks link on the library homepage. From the RefWorks info page, choose "RefWorks Login & New Account Set up." From the login page, choosse "New to RefWorks? - Sign up for an Individual Account." Note: You get to choose your own username and password - make them easy to remember!

2. Get your book citations into RefWorks

Book citations from UMAWorldCat (a huge combined catalog that includes UMass books)

  1. Go to
  2. Conduct a search.
  3. Click “Cite/Export” on the page for an individual book title.
  4. Choose "Export to Refworks."
  5. Log into RefWorks.

Another way:

  1. Within RefWorks, go to the search menu on the left side top and choose "Online Catalog or database"
  2. In the next screen, under "Online Catalog or Database to Search" choose "University of Massachusetts Amherst." If you have a specific title or author, go to the advanced search at the bottom and run your search.
  3. Your results will appear in a separate window or tab. choose the title(s) you want to import to your RefWorks account and click on "Import."

3. Get your journal article citations into RefWorks
Most databases have a way to export citations into RefWorks directly.

4. Write your annotation and enter it into RefWorks
You can write and save your annotations in RefWorks using these instructions.

5. Print out your bibliography

1.     Click on Bibliography from the menu toolbar.
2.     Select Output Style (APA, MLA, etc.) .
3.     Select Format a Bibliography from a List of References
4.     Select File type to Create (HTML, Word, or text file)
5.     Select the Folder from which the citations are to be taken.
6.     Click Create Bibliography.
7.     Follow the instructions for viewing the file. Remember to save the document before closing. 
Be sure to check the list for accuracy!


If you need more help or info on RefWorks, check out the FAQs.

Quick Search: UMA WorldCat

Introducing UMA WorldCat - a new discovery tool that helps you find a wide range of materials using a single search. Books, journals, articles, videos and more can be located using UMA WorldCat.


Journals (for browsing)

  • Akwesasne Notes
    14th floor,
    E75 .A392 [1995-1996]; Microfilm A 431 [1969-1996]; and A 265 [Underground Newspaper Collection Series. For Holdings and Reel Nos. see Ref. Z6514 .U5U49] Also online
  • American Indian Culture and Research Journal
    14th floor, E75 .A5124 and online
  • American Indian Law Review
    5th floor, K1 .M437 and online
  • American Indian Quarterly
    14th floor,
    E76 .A547 and online
  • Anthropology & Education Quarterly
    20th floor,
    LB45 .A75 and online
  • CRM [Cultural Resources Management]
    online only
  • Cultural Survival Quarterly
    18th floor,
    GN357 .N48 and online
  • Indian Country Today
    5th floor, Current News & Magazines Area and online
  • Northeast Anthropology
    18th floor,
    GN1 .M33