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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Library resources to support course work and research

Welcome and overview

Welcome to the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering research guide.

You can use this guide as a starting point in your research for Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. The tabs on the left have more information about the following topics:

For help with your research, please contact your librarian, Anne Graham.

Types of Information in Library Databases

Information Type

Content and uses






Technical information written by experts

Learn about a topic, gather background information, historical and/or technical overviews

Author's and publisher's credentials Varies depending on author's intent Image of book cover: Reliability Engineering, by Kailash Kapur and Michael Pecht

UMass Amherst Libraries Discovery Search


Newspapers and Trade Magazines

News and journalistic reporting on events, industry developments

Follow events, industry trends

Written & edited by journalists and industry experts General public, scholars, and professionals Image of Nuclear Plant Journal

News and Trade article databases

Scholarly Journals & Conference Proceedings

Research conducted by experts in a field

Content is advanced & technical

Read about primary research written by scholars

Peer-reviewed, edited by experts Scholars, researchers, and professionals Image of International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning

Scholarly research article databases


Legal document disclosing a novel, useful invention

Identify new research fronts or learn how something works

Created by inventors, reviewed by government patent examiners Innovators and scholars Image of US patent application number 20190276140A1: Apparatus and method for balancing aircraft with robotic arms

Patent databases


Requirements, specifications, and guidelines to ensure that materials, products, processes, & services are fit for their purpose

Learn current "best way to do this"

Created by teams of experts in professional societies such as ASTM & ASME Engineers and scholars Cover of standard titled: Guidance for ASME EA-1, Energy Assessment for Process Heating Systems

Standards databases

Requests to Engineering Librarian