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Newspaper Collection - US Newspapers by State & City

Newspapers: North Carolina - Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
North Carolina      
Asheville Mountain Xpress 03/13/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Bakersville RFD [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Chapel Hill Carolina [1975-1976] UM Microfilm A265
  The Chapel Hill Sun [1974-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Protean Radish [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The Sun [1975-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Charlotte The Charlotte Observer 1947-1989 UM Microfilm A168
  The Charlotte Post 12/31/2008- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Creative Loafing 02/11/2003- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Inquisition [1969] UM Microfilm A265
Durham Carolina Plain Dealer [1972] UM Microfilm A265
  Middle East News Online 11/22/1999-08/05/2002 Online: Middle East Newsstand
  The North Carolina Anvil: a Weekly Newspaper... [1968-1983] UM Microfilm A265
  The North Carolina Independent 04/03/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Fort Bragg Bragg Briefs 11/1969-12/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Knightdale New Carolina Woman [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 2
Athens The Athens News: an Alternative Publication [1980-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    2000- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Brookville Green Revolution 04/1967 UM Microfilm A265
Cincinnati The American Israelite 01/13/2011- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Call & Post 01/16/1992-05/12/2009 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Catering Industry Employee 1966-[1972-1976]-[1981]-[1993]- UM HD 6350 H8 C3 Per
    [2000-2001] UM HD 6350 H8 C3 Per
  Independent Eye [1969-1970, 1973-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Twentieth Century Anonymous [1975-1976] UM Microfilm A265
Cleveland America 1930 Online: CRL
  Dayton City Paper 09/18/2002-04/24/2007 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  The Minority Report 01/1969, 02/1969-12/18/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  The Razzberry [1972-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Razzberry Street-Sheet 08/28/1971-12/02/1971 UM Microfilm A265
Elyria Lorain Gazette 07/1829-11/1831 UM Microfilm A123
Hamilton In-between 07/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Kirtland Elder's Journal of the Ch. of Jesus Christ... 10/1837-08/1838 UM Microfilm A1509 Reel 13
  Evening and Morning Star 06/1832-09/1834 UM Microfilm A166
    06/1832-09/1834 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 13
  Latter Day Saints Messenger and Advocate 10/1834-09/1837 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 19
Madison Mother Earth News [1970-1973] UM Microfilm A265
Painesville Painesville Telegraph [07/1822-06/1829]                UM Microfilm A146
    [08/09/1831-08/30/1838] UM Microfilm A146
    [12/1839-11/1842] UM Microfilm A146
    [10/22/1845-03/25/1846] UM Microfilm A146
  The Painesville Telegraph and Geauga Co. Whig [09/1835-1839] UM Microfilm A146
  Painesville Telegraph and Geauga Free Press [06/1829-06/1830] UM Microfilm A146
  The Telegraph [07/1830-08/1831], [1842-10/1845] UM Microfilm A146
Toledo La Prensa 08/30/2006- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Unionville Lifestyle 10/1972-12/1972 UM Microfilm A265
Warren Warren Free Press 07/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Worthington Doing It!: Humanizing City Life [1976-1978] UM Microfilm A265
    03/1977-09/1977 UM SCUA Vega 148-151
Oklahoma City Home Cookin [1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
Parkhill Cherokee Observer 01/31/1994-04/2008 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Tehlequah Cherokee Advocate 02/28/1977-03/31/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Cherokee Phoenix 02/29/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Tulsa Native American Times 02/29/2000-04/13/2014 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Osmosis [1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Tulsa Free Press [1977-1979] UM Microfilm A265
Eugene Edcentric [1970-1973, 1975-1979] UM Microfilm A265
  The Eugene Augur [1969-1974] UM Microfilm A265
  Eugene Weekly 09/07/2000- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Willamette Valley Observer [1975-1982] UM Microfilm A265
  Women's Press [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
    [1971-1973] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 19
    [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4372 Reel 8
Pendleton Confederated Umatilla Journal 08/31/1997- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Portland Asian Reporter 05/18/1998- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Out of the Ashes Flashfood Service 01/30/1973-06/30/1973 UM Microfilm A265
  Portland Mercury 06/08/2006- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  The Skanner 10/09/1981-11/11/2009 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Skanner (1975-1988) 10/09/1975-11/09/1988 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch History
  Willamette Bridge [1968-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Willamette Week 04/24/2002-04/12/2006 Online: Alt-PressWatch
Bethlehem Folly [1974-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Well 11/01/1976-11/15/1976 UM Microfilm A265
Chester Chester County Republican [1842] Online: Accessible Archives
  Delaware County Democrat [1835] Online: Accessible Archives
  Delaware County Republican 1833-1870 Online: Accessible Archives
  The New Voice 05/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  The Post Boy [1819, 1820, 1823, 1824] Online Accessible Archives
  The Upland Union  [1825-1826, 1828-1835, 1850-1852] Online: Accessible Archives
  The Weekly Visitor [10/1830] Online: Accessible Archives
Coatesville Caveat Emptor 07/1974-10/1974 UM Microfilm A265
Dingman's Ferry Country Road Chronicles 09/04/1997- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Minisink Bull [1966-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Edentown Eden Star 10/31/1814 Online: Accessible Archives
Hazelton Kaleidoscope 19-- undated issue UM Microfilm A265
Lancaster Lancaster Free Press 05/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Lancaster Independent Press [1969-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Lebanon Lebanon Free Press  [1973] UM Microfilm A265
McConnellsburg Whippersnapper [1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
McKees Rock Mc Kees Rocks  undated issues 1968 UM Microfilm A265
Media Delaware County American 1851, 1856-1858, 1860-1871 Online: Accessible Archives
  Media Advertiser 1855-1856 Online: Accessible Archives
Newton Square The Blue Bus 04/1968 UM Microfilm A265
Philadelphia The American Weekly Mercury 12/1719-05/1746 UM Microprint 33
  Awake & Move 01/1971-07/1971 UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 1
    Volume 1 last issue UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 1
  Carey's Pennsylvania Evening Herald [01/1785-03/1785] UM Microfilm A276
  Christian Index 07/04/1829-12/25/1830 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1826
    1831-06/29/1833 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1826
    01/05/1837-12/28/1837 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1826
    03/23/1882-12/20/1883 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1826
    01/1885-12/24/1885 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1827
    01/07/1886-12/24/1887 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1827
    01/05/1889-12/28/1899 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1828
  The Christian Recorder 1861-1902 Online: Accessible Archives
    01/19/1861-06/1865 Online: CRL
    01/05/1899-02/28/1901 Online: CRL
  Christian Recorder of the Afr. Meth. Episcopal  Ch. 07/13/1854-03/04/1856 Online: CRL
  Distant Drummer [1967-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  The Drummer [1971-1979] UM Microfilm A265
  Dunlap's PA Packet or The General Advertiser 06/20/1774-07/18/1774 Online: Burney Collection
  The Free Trade Advocate & J. of Polit. Economy 1-2  1829 Five College Depository
  Freeman's J. or The North American Intelligencer 04/1781-05/1792 UM Microfilm A289
    04/25/1781-04/16/1783 Online: Burney Collection
  Gales's Independent Gazetteer 09/1796-09/1797 UM Microfilm A274
  Gay Insurgent [1979-1981] UM Microfilm A265
  Gay News 04/27/2012- Online: LGBT Life with Full Text
  Gazette of the United States 07/1795-06/1796 UM Microprint 17
    11/1801-02/1804 UM Microprint 18
  Gazette of the United States & Daily Advertiser 06/1800-10/1801 UM Microprint 18
  Gazette of the U.S. & Daily Evening Advertiser 06/1794-06/1795 UM Microprint 17
  Gazette of the United States & Evening Advertiser 12/1793-06/1794 UM Microprint 17
  Gazette of the U.S. & Phila. Daily Advertiser 07/1796-06/1800 UM Microprint 17-18
  Grafiti [1966-1967] UM Microfilm A265
  Henrich Millers Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote 05/1775-05/1779 UM Microfilm A233
  The Hosiery Worker 1920-05/1965 UM Microfilm A678
  Independent Gazetteer 1794-09/1796 UM Microfilm A274
  The Independent Gaz. & Agricultural Repository 1790-01/1794 UM Microfilm A274
  The Independent Gaz. or The Chron. of Freedom 05/1788-01/1790 UM Microfilm A274
  Jewish Exponent 09/13/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Journal of United Labor 1880-1889 UM Microfilm A879
  The Level of Europe and North America 10/1794-01/1796 UM Microprint 11
  National Gazette 10/1791-10/1793 UM Microprint 11
  Pennsylvania Chronicle & Universal Advertiser 1767-02/1774 UM Microprint 24
    03/16/1767-03/23/1767 Online: Burney Collection
  The PA Evening Herald and The American Monitor 03/1785-05/1786 UM Microfilm A276
  The Pennsylvania Evening Post 01/24/1775-07/30/1781 UM Microprint 14
    1775-1779 UM Microfilm A287
  The Pennsylvania Evening Post & Daily Advertiser 05/30/1783-10/26/1784 UM Microprint 14
  The Pennsylvania Evening Post & Public Advert. 08/03/1781-05/19/1783 UM Microprint 14
  The Pennsylvania Freeman 1838-1841, 1844-1851 Online: CRL
  Pennsylvania Gazette 09/1729-06/1778 UM Microfilm A935
    11/1782-10/1815 UM Microfilm A935
    1728-1800 Online: Accessible Archives
    01/27/1737-09/20/1750 Online: Burney Collection
  The PA Gazette and Weekly Advertiser 1779-11/1782 UM Microfilm A935
  The PA Herald and General Advertiser 05/1786-02/1788 UM Microfilm A276
  Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser 12/09/1773-10/26/1774 Online: Burney Collection
  The Pennsylvania Journal or Weekly Advertiser 12/1742-12/1780, 01/1787-12/1792 UM Microfilm A277
  The PA Ledger or The Phila. Market-Day Advert. 12/1777-05/1778 UM Microfilm A288
  The PA Ledger or The VA, MD, PA & NJ Wkly. Adv. 1775-11/1776 UM Microfilm A288
  The PA Ledger or The Weekly Advertiser 10/1777-11/1777 UM Microfilm A288
  Pennsylvania Mercury and Universal Advertiser 08/1784-07/1791 UM Microfilm A275
  The PA Mercury and Phila. Price-Current 07/1791-03/1792 UM Microfilm A275
  The Pennsylvania Packet 1776-1779, 1787 Online: Accessible Archives
  The PA Packet and The General Advertiser 1771-1790 UM Microfilm A273
  Philadelphia City Paper 01/04/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
    1995- Online: Free E-Journals
  Philadelphia Free Press [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Philadelphia Inquirer 1985-1989 UM Microfilm A905
    10/1868-12/1868, 02/1869-04/1869 Online: CRL
  The Philadelphia  Minerva: Containing a Variety... 02/1795-07/1798 UM Microprint 11
    02/07/1795-07/07/1798 UM Microfilm A82 Reel 25
  Philadelphia Tribune 01/03/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Philadelphia Weekly 07/24/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Plain Dealer [1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Porcupine's Gazette 04/1797-01/1800 UM Microprint 32
  Porcupine's Gazette & U.S. Daily Advertiser 03/1797-04/1797 UM Microprint 32
  Real Fun undated issues 1985 UM Microfilm A265
  Through the Looking Glass 02/1971, 04/1971 UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
  The Ultimate Weapon [1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The Universal Instructor in All Arts & Sciences... 12/1728-09/1792 UM Microfilm A935
    1728-1729 Five College Depository
  The Weekly Advertiser or Pennsylvania Journal 12/02/1742, 12/09/1742 UM Microfilm A277
  WICCE-a Lesbian/Feminist Newspaper Fall 1973 UM Microfilm 4374 Reel 4
  Der Wochentliche Pennsylvanische Staatsbote 01/1768-05/1775 UM Microfilm A233
  Der Wochentliche Philadelphische 03/1763-12/1767 UM Microfilm A233
  Yarrow Stalks [1967] UM Microfilm A265

Newspapers: Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) - Washington (Seattle)

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle 01/04/2001- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Know News 01/1975-09/1975 UM Microfilm A265
  Messenger and Advocate of the Church 1844-1846 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 19
  The Mill Hunk Herald [1979-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  National Labor Tribune 01/1874-12/1909 UM Microfilm A946
  New Pittsburgh Courier 1911-2002 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  New Pittsburgh Courier (City edition) 08/28/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  New Pittsburgh Courier (National edition) 11/07/1959-12/25/1965 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Pittsburgh City Paper 09/18/2002 Online: Alt-PressWatch
    1942, 1955 Online: CRL
  Pittsburgh Fair Witness [1971-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Pittsburgh Peace and Freedom News [1967-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The Pittsburgh Point 05/15/1969, 06/26/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  The Thrust 05/19/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Weekly Labor Tribune 11/1873-01/1874 UM Microfilm A946
Scranton The Metro [1978-1983] UM Microfilm A265
State College The Daily Blotter [1975-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel [1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Henderson Station [1971-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Turning Point [1978-1979] UM Microfilm A265
West Chester The American Republican 1810, 1814, 1834, 1846, 1853, 1861 Online: Accessible Archives
  Chester & Delaware Federalist [1809-1814, 1816-1817] Online: Accessible Archives
  Literary Magazine [1797] Online: Accessible Archives
  Village Record 1818-1870 Online: Accessible Archives
  West Chester Gazette 01/22/1794 Online: Accessible Archives
York The Green Revolution [1970-1982] UM Microfilm A265
  Guatemala! 4 undated issues 1982 UM Microfilm A265
Rhode Island      
Newport Rhode Island Republican 03/1809-1820 UM Microfilm A1020
Providence Extra [1968-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Hurricane Alice  1983-2001 Online: Humanities Intl. Complete
    04/1983-04/2001 Online: GenderWatch
  The New Paper [1979-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Providence Daily Journal 05/1893-06/1893 UM Microfilm A314
  Providence Gazette and Country Journal 1762-01/1795, 01/1811-02/1817 UM Microprint 59
  Providence Gaz. & Moral, Political, & Comm. Reg 03/1817-12/25/1819 UM Microprint 59
  The United States Chronicle 1784-1804 UM Microprint 42
South Carolina      
Anderson Senior Reflections 04/30/2000-09/2002 Online: Alt-PressWatch
Charleston The Charleston Mercury 1860-1865 Online: Accessible Archives
  Collumbia The State 05/1936-1941 UM Microfilm A39
  The Free Press 04/05/1868-04/11/1868 Online: CRL
  The Gazette of the State of South-Carolina 1777-1780 Online: Accessible Archives
    04/09/1777-02/09/1780 Online: CRL
  News and Courier 12/15/1932-03/15/1942 UM Microfilm A38
  South Carolina and American General Gazette 1765-1775 Online: Accessible Archives
  South Carolina Gazette 09/10/1737 Online: Burney Collection
    1732-1775 Online: Accessible Archives
    1732-12/11/1775 Online: CRL
  South Carolina Gazette Country Journal 05/09/1775 Online: Burney Collection
    1765-1775 Online: Accessible Archives
  South Carolina Leader 10/07/1865, 10/21/1865 Online: CRL
    12/09/1865-12/23/1865 Online: CRL
    03/31/1866, 05/12/1866 Online: CRL
  Suppl. to the SC & Am. General Gazette 04/18/1764 Online: Accessible Archives
  Suppl. to the S.C. Gazette and Country Journal 1766-1771 Online: Accessible Archives
Columbia Harbinger [1981, 1983-1984] UM Microfilm A265
  The New Banner [1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
Florence The Southern Libertarian Messenger [1978-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Greenville The Middle Earth Free Press 09/09/1969 UM Microfilm A265
South Dakota      
Rapid City The Native Voice 03/28/2002-05/2008 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Chattanooga The Green Fuse 05/1969-06/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Latter Day Saints Southern Star 12/03/1898-12/01/1900 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 19
Fort Campbell Flag in Action 11/1968-12/1968, undated 1969 UM Microfilm A265
Memphis Memphis Flyer 05/24/2000- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Memphis Root 11/10/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  The Moon Illustrated Weekly 1905/1906 UM Microfilm A716
  River City Review [1971-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Tri-State Defender 01/03/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Tri-State Defender (1959-1989) 01/03/1959-12/27/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Xex Graphix [1985] UM Microfilm A265
Nashville The Colored Tennessean 08/12/1865, 10/07/1865-10/14/1865 Online: CRL
    03/24/1866-03/31/1866 Online: CRL
  Motive [1970] UM Microfilm A265
    1956/1957-1959/1960,1964, 1965-1972 UM BV 4531 A1 M76 Per
  Nashville Breakdown [1970] UM Microfilm A265
  The New South Student 12/1968, 01/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Out & About 03/2008- Online: GenderWatch
  The Phoenix 03/1969 and undated issue UM Microfilm A265
  Tennessee Communities 03/2007-Winter 2010 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  The Tennessee Tribune 02/06/1995- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Tennessean 07/18/1866 Online: CRL
Austin Austin Sun [1975-1976, 1978] UM Microfilm A265
  The Free Man's Press 08/01/1868, 08/15/1868-09/12/1868 Online: CRL
    10/24/1868 Online: CRL
  The Freedman's Press 07/18/1868 Online: CRL
  The Gar [1972-1975, 1978-1979] UM Microfilm A265
  Glyptodon News 03/19/1973, 04/03/1973-06/04/1973 UM Microfilm A265
  The Rag [1966-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  River City Sun 07/13/1978-09/29/1978 UM Microfilm A265
  Second Coming [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
    10/1971-11/1971 UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 14
  The Texas Observer 01/19/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Dallas Dallas News 08/12/1970-12/23/1970 UM Microfilm A265
  Dallas Notes [1968-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Dallas Observer 06/07/2001-03/24/2011 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Iconoclast [1971-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  Notes from the Underground [1965, 1967-1968] UM Microfilm A265
  El Sol de Texas 10/31/1991-11/11/2005 Onlilne: Ethnic NewsWatch
El Paso The Gigline [08/1969-11/1969] UM Microfilm A265
Fort Worth Informador Hispano de Ft. Worth 03/13/1992-10/08/1993 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Houston Houston Press 06/07/2001-03/24/2011 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Mockingbird [1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Space City [1970-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  Space City News 06/05/1969-12/20/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  La Voz de Houston 04/22/1992-03/17/2013 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Laredo Los Muertos Hablan 09/1969 UM Microfilm A265
McAllen El Periodico U.S.A. 05/13/2004- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
San Antonio Honky Times [1972] UM Microfilm A265
  Inferno [1967-1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Libertarian 03/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  La Prensa 1920-[1921]-[1925] UM Microfilm A1273
    10/24/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  San Antonio Current 01/31/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  San Antonio Gazette [1973-1974] UM Microfilm A265
San Marcos Weather Report [1971-1975] UM Microfilm A265
Salt Lake City Electric Newspaper undated issues 1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Mountaineer 08/27/1859-07/20/1861 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 38
  Salt Lake City Weekly 08/23/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Union Vedette 1863-1867 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 42
  Valley Tan 1858-1860 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 52
  Woman's Exponent 1873-1884,01/01/1885 06/1886-02/1914 UM Microfilm 6811a Reels 178-182
Barre Greenfeel undated issue UM Microfilm A265
Brattleboro The First Issue 07/1973, 09/1973-10/1973, 12/1973 UM Microfilm A265
Burlington Public Occurance 04/1975, 06/1975, 08/1975 UM Microfilm A265
    11/1975-12/1975 UM Microfilm A265
  Seven Days 11/30/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Plainfield Harbinger Fall 1983 UM Microfilm A265
Alexandria Alexandria Advertiser 04/10/1797-04/16/1799 UM Microfilm A1037
  The Times and District of Columbia Daily Adv. 04/17/1799-07/1802 UM Microfilm A1037
Blacksburg Alice [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Clintwood Mountain Life & Work 08/1976 UM Microfilm A265
    [1953-1985, 1987-1988] UM F 210 M85 Per
Louisa Communities [1973-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    1998- Online: ABI Inform Complete
    1998- Online: Social Science Journals
    2003- Online: Academic Search Premier
    1977-2010 Five College Depository
Newport News The Captain's Log 01/23/1973  and undated issue UM Microfilm A265
Norfolk Brown Shoes 09/23/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Ghent Free Press [1973-1974] UM Microfilm A265
  Norfolk Journal and Guide 1916-2003 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  Rough Draft: Tidewater Servicemen's Newspaper [1969] UM Microfilm A265
Portsmouth German Review 07/2007-06/2008 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Richmond Christian Observer 1825 Online: NCCO
  Richmond Afro-American and Richmond Planet 10/03/1992-01/31/1996 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Richmond Chronicle [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Richmond Enquirer 1861-1865 Online: Accessible Archives
    09/1815-12/1820 UM Microfilm A1048
    09/1815-12/1820 UM Microprint 54
  Spirit of Seventy-Six 12/29/1809-02/15/1811 UM Microfilm A1024
  The Sun Flower [1967-1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Supplement to The Virginia Gazette [1752, 1755, 1762, 1766] Online: Accessible Archives
  Supplement to The Virginia Gazette [1768] Online: Accessible Archives
  Supplement to The Virginia Gazette 1736-1740, 1745-1746, 1751-1757 Online: Accessible Archives
    1759, 1761-1780 Online: Accessible Archives
  The Virginia Gazette 2 1766-1776 Online: Accessible Archives
  The Virginia Gazette 3 1775-1780 Online: Accessible Archives
Williamsburg Rind's Virginia Gazette [1766] UM Microfilm A134 Reels 2-4
  Virginia Gazette (Parks) [1736-1781] UM Microfilm A134 Reels 1-6
    08/12/1737 Online: Burney Collection
  Virginia Gazette (Purdie) [1775-1780] UM Microfilm A134 Reels 5-6
  Virginia Gazette (Rind) [1766-1776] UM Microfilm A134 Reels 4-6
  Virginia Gazette 08/12/1737-08/19/1737 Online: Burney Collection
Bellingham Northwest Passage [1969-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Mountlake Terrace Palestine Chronicle 01/30/2008- Online: Middle East Newsstand
Olympia Op [1981-1984] UM Microfilm A265
Seattle Helix [1967-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Heretic's Journal [1982, 1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Industrial Worker 1999- Online: ABI Inform Complete
  International Examiner 02/02/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  International Examiner (1976-1987) 01/31/1976-12/16/1987 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  North American Post 05/16/1997-06/16/2001 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  North American Post (2004) 05/22/2004- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Northwest Asian Weekly 05/29/1993- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Northwest Nikkei 04/01/1994-11/22/2003 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Pandora [1972] UM Microfilm A265
    [1971-1973] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 13
    [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4372 Reel 6
  The Post-Intelligencer 08/1920 Online: CRL
  The Rocket [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Sabot [1970] UM Microfilm A265

Newspapers: Washington (Seattle) - Wyoming

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Seattle Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1986- Online:Westlaw Campus Research
  The Seattle Times 1980- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  The Skanner, Seattle and Portland combined ed. 01/28/2009- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Skanner, Seattle edition 10/02/1991-12/31/2008 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Stranger 04/16/2003- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Spokane The Local Planet 02/17/2000-10/30/2003 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Provincial Press [1971-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  The Spokane Natural [1967-1970] UM Microfilm A265
Yakima Tri-County Clarion 09/01/1969-09/20/1969 UM Microfilm A265
West Virginia      
Harpers-Ferry The Ladies' Garland 02/1824-06/1828 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 561
Morgantown Mountain Liberator 10/1971 UM Microfilm A265
  Thursday's Drummer [1969] UM Microfilm A265
Beloit Mega Middle Myth [1968] UM Microfilm A265
Eau Claire Roach [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Gillingham Ocooch Mountain News [1976-1978] UM Microfilm A265
Hayward News from Indian Country 01/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  News from Indian Country (1985-1989) 03/31/1985-12/31/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Ojibwe Akiing 12/31/1996-12/2006 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Madison Bugle American [1970-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  The Call [1967-1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Connections [1967-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Feminist Voices 04/06/1995-08/1998 Online: GenderWatch
  Free for All [1973-1981] UM Microfilm A265
  Freethought Today 12/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Isthmus 09/23/2005- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Madison Kaleidoscope [1969-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Oscar's Underground Ghetto Press [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The Progressive 12/1981 UM Microfilm A265
    Unbound issues Du Bois Lib. 5th Floor AP 2 P8655 Per 
    [1962-] UM AP 2 P8655 Per
    1962-2010/2011 Five College Depository
    1965-2001 UM Microfilm A503
    1988- Online: Political Science
    1988- Online: Alt-PressWatch
    1990- Online: Academic Search Premier
  Take Over [1972-1978, 1980] UM Microfilm A265
  Tartuffles undated issue UM Microfilm A265
  Whole Woman [1972-1973] UM Microfilm 2818 Reel 16
    [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4373 Reel 12
Milwaukee Allied Industrial Worker 1957-1977 UM Microfilm A643
  Bitch No. 1  1970 UM Reel 2337 Reel 1
  Black Star [1975-1978] UM Microfilm A265
  The Bugle [1977-1978] UM Microfilm A265
  Bugle American [1970-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  La Guardia 10/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Hag Rag: Milwaukee's Lesbian Feminist Newsp. 09/1986-01/01/1993 Online: LGBT Life with Full Text
  Kaleidoscope [1967-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Milwaukee Courier 01/02/2010- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1994- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  The Open Door 10/16/1968 & [01/1968] UM Microfilm A265
  UWM Post 2010- Online: Regional Business News
Nelsonville & Stevens Point Whipping Post [1973-1975] UM Microfilm A265
Oshkosh The Blade [1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Fox Valley Kaleidoscope 03/06/1970-11/23/1970 UM Microfilm A265
  Morning Star [1972] UM Microfilm A265
  River Courant 01/30/1973-04/10/1973 UM Microfilm A265
Stevens Point Counterpoint [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Lander Wind River News 12/25/1984- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch