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Newspaper Collection - US Newspapers by State & City

Newspapers: Colorado - Florida

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Boulder Front Range/People's Press [1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Mountain Gazette 06/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  Straight Creek [1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Independent 12/1998- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Denver Big Mama Rag [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4373 Reel 1
    2 undated issues UM Microfilm 2818 Reel 2
  The Bullshit Review  undated issue 1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Chinook [1969-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  College Press Service [1971-1978] UM Microfilm A265
  Mile High Under Ground [1967] UM Microfilm A265
  Mountain Free Press [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  National Union Farmer 07/1943-1968 UM Microfilm A683
  La Voz Bilingue 01/22/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Westword 06/07/2001-03/24/2011 Online: Alt-PressWatch
Paonia High Country News 12/23/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Bridgeport Fairfield County Woman 05/1995-10/2005 Online: GenderWatch
Hartford The American Mercury 1784-1833 UM Microprint 40
  The Cauldron 10/10/1967 UM Microfilm A265
  Connecticut Courant 1764-1774, 1778, 1791-1820 UM Microprint 60
  Connecticut Courant & Htfd. Weekly Intelligencer 1774-1778 UM Microprint 60
  Connecticut Courant & the Weekly Intelligencer 1778-1791 UM Microprint 60
  Connecticut Mirror 1809-1832 UM Microfilm 1033
  Hartford Advocate [1976-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  The Hartford Courant Current issues Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    1764-1990 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
    1985-[1990] UM Microfilm A908
  Hartford's Other Voice [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
Mashantucket Pequot Times 01/31/2000-09/2008 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
New Haven AIM: The Bulletin of the Am. Independent Movem. [1966-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  New Haven Chronicle 08/1786-09/1787 UM Microprint 13
  The New Haven Advocate [1976-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  New Haven Gazette 05/1784-02/1786 UM Microprint 13
  The New Haven Gazette & the CT Magazine 02/1786-1788 UM Microfilm A82 Reel 20
    02/1786-06/1789 UM Microprint 13
  View from the Bottom [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
New London Connecticut Gazette 1787-1799, 1805-1820 UM Microprint 12
  Connecticut Gazette, & The Commercial Intelligen. 1800-1805 UM Microprint 12
  Connecticut Gazette, & The Universal Intelligencer 1773-1787 UM Microprint 12
  New London Gazette 1763-1773 UM Microprint 12
  New London Summary 06/1763-09/23/1763 UM Microfilm A1051
    06/1763-09/23/1763 UM Microprint 48
  New London Summary or The Weekly Advertiser 1758-1763 UM Microfilm A1051
    1758-1763 UM Microprint 48
Norwich Norwich Packet 1777-1779, 1791-1802 UM Microprint 43
  Norwich Packet and Country Journal 1787-1790 UM Microprint 43
  Norwich Packet & The CT, MA, NH & RI Wkly.Adv. 1773-1777 UM Microprint 43
  The Norwich Packet and The Weekly Advertiser 1779-1782 UM Microprint 43
  The Norwich Packet or The Chron. of Freedom 1783-1785 UM Microprint 43
  The Norwich Packet or The Country Journal 1785-1787 UM Microprint 43
  Vox Populi Norwich Packet 10/1790-06/1791 UM Microprint 43
Newark Delaware Alternative Press [1979-1984] UM Microfilm A265
  Delaware Free Press 10/1979 UM Microfilm A265
  Heterodoxical Voice [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
         District of Columbia      
  Access [1976-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  AFL-CIO News 1955-1996 UM Microfilm A740
  Afro-American Red Star 04/08/2006- Online: Ethnic NewsWatchy
  Alexandria Advertiser 1797-1799 UM Microfilm A1037
  Antiwarrior 09/24/1969-10/22/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Blue Eagle 1934-1935 UM Microfilm A86
  Chronicle of Higher Education 1995- Online: Independent Ejournals
    1988- Online: Education Complete
    1999- Online: Academic Search Premier
    1966- UM Microfilm A401
    Current year DuBois Library: 5th Floor
  The Colored American 1837-1842 Online: African-American Newspapers
  Common Sense [1974-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  The Congress Watcher [1981-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Connections 01/1985-03/1985 UM Microfilm A265
  Critical Mass [1983] UM Microfilm A265
  Critical Mass Bulletin [1983-1984] UM Microfilm A265
  Critical Mass Energy Journal [1981-1982] UM Microfilm A265
  Daily National Intelligencer 1813-1820 UM Microprint 39
  The Daily Rag [1973-1974] UM Microfilm A265
  The DC Gazette [1970-1983] UM Microfilm A265
  Education Week 1983/1984- UM Microfilm A877
    1995- Online: Academic Search Premier
    2001- Online: Education. Complete
    2001- Online: Social Science Journals
    Current year Du Bois Library 5th Floor
  Facts for the People 06/1853-05/1854, 05/1855-04/1856 UM Microfiche 886 A-68,627
  Free Palestine [1969-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Front Line Spring 1981 UM Microfilm A265
  The Gazette Guide 1976 undated issue UM Microfilm A265
  Grass Roots [1973-1977, 1980] UM Microfilm A265
  Green Pages 2006- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Hard Times [1969] UM Microfilm A265
    [1969-1970] UM AP 2 H27 Per
  The Huntress 12/02/1836-02/08/1845 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 935
    02/15/1845-02/07/1852 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 936
    02/14/1852-07/24/1854 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 937
  India News 1997- Online: Free E-journals
  Indochina Chronicle [1973, 1977] UM Microfilm A265
  Indochina Issues 1985 UM Microfilm A265
  Labor 1919-1973 UM Microfilm A663
  Left Face 10/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Liberation News Service [1967-1981] UM Microfilm A265
  MERIP Reports [1972-1973, 1978-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    1971-1985 Five College Depository
    1971-1985 Online: JSTOR
    1986-1988 Online: JSTOR
  Mindfucke Spring 1969 UM Microfilm A265
  The National Era 01/07/1847-03/12/1860 Online: Accessible Archives
    1847-03/1860 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 899-903
  National Intelligencer 1810-1812 UM Microprint 38
  National Intelligencer & Washington Advertiser 1800-1810 UM Microprint 38
  New Era 01/13/1870-09/01/1870 UM Microfilm A367
  The New Humanist [1982-1984] UM Microfilm A265
  New Mobilizer 09/05/1969-09/25/1969, 10/28/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  New National Era 09/08/1870-10/22/1874 UM Microfilm A367
  Off Our Backs [1970-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    1991-2001 UM Microfilm A1329
    [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 3
    [1971-1972] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 12
    [1972-1973] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 13
  Off Our Backs: A Women's News Journal [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4372 Reel 6
  OM [1969, 1971] UM Microfilm A265
  People & Energy 10/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  People & Taxes [1981-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  El Pregonero 12/17/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Progressive Review & DC Gazette [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Public Citizen People & Taxes [1976] UM Microfilm A265
  The Public Eye [1977-1984] UM Microfilm A265
  Quicksilver Times [1969-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  Railroad Democracy 1919 UM Microfilm A663
  Re:Sources Spring 1983 UM Microfilm A265
  Spirit of Seventy-Six 1809-1811 UM Microfilm A1024
  SRA Federal Bulletin [1982, 1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  The Student Mobilizer [1967-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Times and District of Columbia Daily Advertiser 1799-1802 UM Microfilm A1037
  United States Daily 1926-1933 UM JK 1 U64 Per Oversize
  The Washington Blade [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    01/02/2004-11/13/2009 Online: LGBT Life with Full Text
  Washington City Paper 04/12/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Washington Free Press 1967-1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Washington Informer 01/15/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
    03/15/1979-04/06/1988 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch History
  Washington Post 1877-1998 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
    1971- UM Microfilm A888
    Current issues Du Bois Library 5th Floor
  The Washington Weekly [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  WE MBI (English edition) 01/24/1993-02/06/1994 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Woman Patriot 01/1922-11/1931 UM Microfilm 6811a Reels 173-174
  Youth Today 10/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Coconut Grove Miami Free Press and The Daily Planet 04/18/1969-07/02/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Coral Springs South Florida Times 03/22/2002- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Deerfield Beach Jewish-Journal 08/29/1991-01/05/1995 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Dunedin Southern Flyer 01/1976-02/1976 UM Microfilm A265
Fort Lauderdale Broward-Palm Beach New Times 10/2001-03/24/2011 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Westside Gazette 07/03/2002- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Gainesville The Crocodile [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  The Griffin Report of the Northeast Current 6 months DuBois Library 5th Floor
Hollywood Seminole Tribune 01/17/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Seminole Tribune (1984-1989) 03/02/1984-12/20/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Jacksonville Both Sides Now [1969-1980] UM Microfilm A265
  Florida Free Press 01/23/1968-11/31/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  The Jacksonville Free Press 08/07/1996- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Penny Press 04/1973-06/1973 UM Microfilm A265
Key West An Scathan 03/31/1995-06/30/1998 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Solares Hill 06/2011-03/23/2011 Online: Alt-PressWatch
Longwood La Prensa 03/30/2006- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Miami Caribbean Today 01/31/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Daily Planet [1969-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Miami Herald 1911-1990 UM Microfilm A162
    12/01/1997-12/14/2001 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  El Miami Herald 1977-1978 UM Microfilm A836
  Miami New Times 06/2001-03/24/2011 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Miami Times 12/19/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  El Nuevo Herald 03/16/1992-02/14/2012 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Strawberry Fields 02/1969-03/1969, 06/06/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Wkly. News: So. Florida's Gay Community Newsp. 01/09/2003-03/02/2006 Online: LGBT Life
Pensacola Gulf Coast Fish Cheer 02/1971-10/30/1971 UM Microfilm A265
St. Petersburg Come Unity [1973-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  The Liar 11/06/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Red Sticks Press 06/30/1994-06/30/1996 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Tallahassee Amazing Grace [1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Flambeau 03/05/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  The Florida Observer 05/15/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Tampa Creative Loafing 02/11/2003- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Al-Shorfa 03/24/2011- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2011- Online: Social Science Journals
    2011- Criminal Justice Periodicals
Temple Terrace Aquarian [1969] UM Microfilm A265
Winter Park The Watcher [1971-1973] UM Microfilm A265

Newspapers: Georgia - Illinois

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Athens Athens Daily News 2001- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  The Athens News 2000- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Tasty World undated issues 1875 UM Microfilm A265
Atlanta Altus [02/1969, 03/1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Atlanta Constitution 1869-1875, 1881-1978 UM Microfilm A559
  Atlanta Daily Constitution 1875 UM Microfilm A559
  Atlanta Daily World 1931-2003 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  Atlanta Gazette [09/1974] UM Microfilm A265
  Atlanta Inquirer 06/22/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  AWIN Newsletter [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Constitution 1868-1869, 1875-1876 UM Microfilm A559
  Creative Loafing [1976-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    02/11/2003- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Daily Constitution 1876-1881 UM Microfilm A559
  Great Speckled Bird 1968-1976 UM Microfilm A265
  Mundo Hispanico 11/01/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Southern Struggle 1979 [1980-1981] UM Microfilm A265
Columbus Columbus Times 02/28/1979- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Savannah The Georgia Gazette 1763-1770 UM Microfilm A850
    04/1763-05/1770 UM Microprint 29
Statesboro The Cherokee Voice 06/30/1999-09/30/2001 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Haleiwa Roach [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Honolulu Ka Huliau: The Turning Point [1982-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Sanctuary of Servicemen 08/12/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Boise Boise Weekly 04/23/2002- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Fort Hall Sho-Ban News 11/21/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Sho-Ban News (1979-1989) 01/03/1979-09/28/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Bloomington Post Amerikan [1976-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Carbondale Big Muddy Gazette [1971-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  Southern Free Press [1968, 1984] UM Microfilm A265
Champaign A Four Year Bummer [1969] UM Microfilm A265
  News-Gazette 1999- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  The Plain Truth [1967-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Champaign Urbana Walrus [1967-1973] UM Microfilm A265
Charleston Fertilizer [1970, 1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Prospectus 02/12/1968-03/11/1968 UM Microfilm A265
Chicago Advertising Age 1950- UM Microfilm A12
    Current year Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    1996- Online: Academic Search Premier
    1996- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
    1999- Online: ABI Inform Complete
    1999- Online: Entrepreneurship
    1999- Online: Banking Information Source
  The Agitator 03/13/1869-11/06/1869 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 237
  The Alarm 10/1884-04/1886, 11/1887-02/1889 Online: CRL
  All Together [1976] UM Microfilm A265
  Black Liberator [1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Camp News [1972, 1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Cause 05/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Chicago Citizen 11/11/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Chicago Daily Defender 04/30/1966-12/1967 UM Microfilm A1343
  Chicago Daily Tribune 10/01/1925-10/15/1925 Online: CRL
    1919-1921 UM Microfilm A361
  Chicago Defender 1910-1975 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
    1910-1975 Online: Black Studies Center
    1909-1945, 07/1946-06/1948 UM Microfilm A1343
    1949-04/29/1966 UM Microfilm A1343
    07/31/1909, 07/16/1910-12/27/1915 Online: CRL
    09/03/1927-07/13/1929 Online: CRL
    1938-12/27/1941, 1958 Online: CRL
    01/03/1989- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Chicago Defender (Daily edition) 1956-1975 Online: Black Studies Center
  Chicago Defender (Saturday edition) 1910-1975 Online: Black Studies Center
  Chicago Eagle 09/17/1892 Online: CRL
  Chicago Evening Post 10/02/1906-09/30/1907 Online: CRL
    03/05/1908-01/06/1909 Online: CRL
    12/15/1909-08/24/1910 Online: CRL
    06/1914-01/20/1919 Online: CRL
    04/07/1924-05/10/1924 Online: CRL
  Chicago Express [1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Chicago Herald 01/1895-03/03/1895 Online: CRL
    07/1914-09/1914 Online: CRL
    05/1916-08/06/1916 Online: CRL
  Chicago Independent bulletin 04/25/1996-03/07/2007 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Chicago Record Herald 1904, 1910, 1913 Online: CRL
  Chicago Seed [1967-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Chicago Times 04/1880-09/21/1880 Online: CRL
  Chicago Times-Herald 03/04/1895-01/05/1896 Online: CRL
  Chicago Tribune 1969-1990 UM Microfilm A361
  Chicago Weekend 01/12/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Chicago Whip 06/24/1919-1922 Online: CRL
    06/23/1928, 10/10/1931 Online: CRL
  Denni Hlasatel 12/11/1926-01/1927 Online: CRL
  Disclosure 10/31/2000-Winter 2009 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Feminist Voice 08/26/1971 UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 2
    09/1971 UM Microfilm 2816
    [1971-1972] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 4
  Fire  11/07/1969-11/21/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Firing Line 1/16/1968 and undated issue UM Microfilm A265
  Fred 06/16/1969, 07/07/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Greece Today 11/1967, 05/1969-07/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Hyde Park Citizen 12/05/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  In These Times [1976-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    1985/1986-2001/2002 UM Microfilm A991
    2006- Online: Alt-PressWatch
    2006- Online: Political Science
    2002/2003-2007, [2008], 2009, [2010]- UM AP 2 I526
  The Industrial Union Bulletin 1907-1909 UM HD 6500 A2 I5 Per
  Industrial Worker [1973-1978, 1980-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Kaleidoscope [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The Killer Dyke 09/1971 UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 2
    07/1972 UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 5
  Lavender Woman: a Lesbian Newspaper [1971-1973] UM Microfilm 2818 Reel 6
    [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4373 Reel 4
  New Left Notes [1966-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The New Patriot 07/1970-11/1970 UM Microfilm A265
  Ramparts Wall Poster 08/27/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  La Raza 12/09/2007- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Reader 01/19/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Rising Up Angry [1969-1970, 1972-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Roosevelt Torch [1970] UM Microfilm A265
  R Y M Revolutionary Youth Movement undated issue 1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Satirist 02/03/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Second City [1968-1975] UM Microfilm A265
  The Seed [1970, 1972-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  The Torch [1971-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Veteran Stars & Stripes for Peace [1967-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Vietnam GI 09/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Vista Rap 05/1969, 07/1969-08/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Windy City Times 12/26/2007- Online: LGBT Life with Full Text
    02/20/2008- Online: GenderWatch
  Womankind 09/1971 UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
    [1971, 1973] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 16
    09/1973 UM Microfilm 4372 Reel 7
  The Workingman's Advocate 1863-10/1877 UM Microfilm A933
Cicero Lawndale Bilingual Newspapers 07/05/2007- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Danville Black Vanguard [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Impact 03/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Decatur The Voice of the Black Community [1968] UM Microfilm A265
DeKalb News from Nowhere [1968-1970] UM Microfilm A265
Evanston The Union Signal: a Journal of Social Welfare [1905-1920] Five College Depository
Freeport Fresh Air undated issue 1968 UM Microfilm A265
Macomb Sunrise [1973-1975] UM Microfilm A265
Naperville Alternative [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
Nauvoo Navoo Neighbor 05/03/1843-10/29/1845 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 38
  The Times and Seasons 1839-1946 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 40
  The Wasp 04/16/1842-04/26/1843 UM Microfilm 1509 Reel 52
Orland Park The Arab American View 03/31/2001-04/28/2002 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Peoria Left Speak Out [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Rock Island New Times [1974-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Prairie Sun [1977-1983] UM Microfilm A265
Rockford The Trumpet 1969 UM Microfilm A265
Skokie Chicago Jewish Star 01/07/1993- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Journal of the Socialist Party in Illinois [1985] UM Microfilm A265
Springfield Issues in Radical Therapy [1982-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  State Capitol 03/28/1891, 05/1891-12/03/1892 Online: CRL
    01/13/1899 Online: CRL
  State Journal-Register 2000- Online: Westlaw Campus Research