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Newspaper Collection - US Newspapers by State & City

Newspapers: Nebraska - New Mexico

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Beatrice The Woman's Tribune 1883-03/1909 UM Microfilm 6811a Reels 230-232
Lincoln Growing Seasons 07/1976-10/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  Lincoln Gazette [1972-1975, 1977-1979] UM Microfilm A265
Omaha The Asterisk 11/1968, 12/18/1968 UM Microfilm A265
    01/08/1969-04/05/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Buffalo Chip [1967-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  The Jewish Press  01/05/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Jewish Press (1977-1989) 01/14/1977-12/22/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Kaleidoscope 02/10/1970 UM Microfilm A265
Las Vegas Las Vegas Free Press: Nevada's Fearless Newsp. [1970-1971] UM Microfilm A265
Reno Kelsie [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Love [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  The Native Nevadan 10/31/1991-06/30/1992 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
New Jersey      
 Allendale Nuclear Opponents 01/23/1978, 06/06/1978, 08/31/1978 UM Microfilm A265
 East Hanover  Challenge 09/1976 UM Microfilm A265
East Orange MetroWest Jewish News 01/12/1995-06/26/1997 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Shelterforce [1976, 1979-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Granville The Radical, in contin. of The Working Man's Adv. 1841-04/1843 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 582
Hackensack The Free Aquarian [1972-1974] UM Microfilm A265
Jersey City The Filipino Express 01/15/1994- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Ukrainian Weekly 01/03/1993- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Laurel Springs The New Frontier 01/22/1976-02/03/1976 UM Microfilm A265
New Brunswick All You Can Eat [1970-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Raritan Peace News [1968] UM Microfilm A265
Newark Abas [1968, 1969] UM Microfilm A265
Paramus Armenian Reporter 11/28/1991-02/27/2010 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Armenian Reporter International 11/02/1967-10/06/1988 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Passaic Aquarian [1974-1985] UM Microfilm A265
Pomona Argo [1972] UM Microfilm A265
Princeton Neuk [1967-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Rooseveltown Akwesasne Notes 01/31/1977-06/30/1997 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Akwesasne Notes (1975-1989) 08/31/1975-11/30/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Totowa Italian Voice 01/03/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Italian Voice (1982-1989) 06/03/1982-12/28/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Whippany Jewish News 07/03/1997- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
New Mexico      
Albuquerque Astral Projection [1968-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  Seers [1975-1976] UM Microfilm A265
  Seer's Catalogue [1973, 1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Sun/Evening Sun [1974] UM Microfilm A265
  The Weekly Tribal Messenger [1969, 1971-1973] UM Microfilm A265
Espanola El Grito del Norte [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Las Cruces NMA + M Conscience [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Santa Fe The Hips Voice [1970-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  The Santa Fe Reporter 05/29/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  The Supplement 10/1969 UM Microfilm A265

Newspapers: New York (Albany to NY City)

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
New York      
Albany The Albany Argus 1813-1825 UM Microfilm A178
  The Albany Argus and Daily City Gazette 10/1825-1827 UM Microfilm A179
  Albany Evening Journal 1830-1865 UM Microfilm A171
  The Albany Liberator [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  The Aquarian Age 01/19/1969-02/18/1969& undated issue UM Microfilm A265
  The Argus 05/1865-12/1865 UM Microfilm A179
  The Atlas and Argus 02/1856-05/1865 UM Microfilm A179
  The Balance and New York State Journal 1809-1810 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 5, 70
  The Balance and State Journal 1811 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 70
  Daily Albany Argus 12/1827-02/1856 UM Microfilm A179
  Metroland 03/2001- Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Sweet fire [1971-1972] UM Microfilm A265
Annadale-On-Hudson Observer [1969-1970, 1981] UM Microfilm A265
Binghamton Hera 05/1981-1998 Online: GenderWatch
Bronx The Fordham Ram 04/07/1967 UM Microfilm A265
  Inner City Press 08/30/2006- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Brooklyn The Brooklyn Daily Eagle 1870-1875 UM Microfilm A349
  Free Spirit Winter 1984 UM Microfilm A265
  Haiti Observateur 11/27/2002- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Nova Vanguard [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  The Other Other 05/20/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Win [1967-1983] UM Microfilm A265
    1968-1983 UM JX 1953 W5 Per
Buffalo ARTVOICE 01/18/2002-08/20/2003 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Attica News 01/1973, 03/1973 UM Microfilm A265
  Akwesasne Notes 1961-1992, 1995-1996 UM Microfilm A431
    [1969-1985] UM Microfilm A265
    1977-1997 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
    08/31/1975-11/30/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch History
  The Buffalo Insighter [1967, 1968] UM Microfilm A265
  The Marijuana Review [1969-1971] UM Microfilm A265
  Polish American Journal (National edition) 05/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Polish American J. (National edition)(1975-1989) 12/31/1975-12/31/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Under Current 01/27/1969, 02/25/1972-03/09/1972 UM Microfilm A265
Elmhurst Family Voice 04/1972-12/1972 UM Microfilm A265
Flushing The News Project [1967-1968] UM Microfilm A265
Great Neck Roach 10/01/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Hicksville Express [1972-1974, 1976] UM Microfilm A265
Hudson Balance 1808 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 5
  The Balance and Columbian Repository [1801], 1802-1807 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 3-4
Ithaca First Issue [1968, 1969] UM Microfilm A265
  New Patriot [1967, 1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Scimitar [1968] UM Microfilm A265
  Synapse Winter 1969 UM Microfilm A265
Jamaica New Voice of New York, Inc. 03/14/1992-11/23/2005 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Weekly Gleaner (North American edition) 01/08/2002- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Laurelton The Culvert Chronicles 01/04/2007-05/02/2012 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Lindenhurst Island Surfing 06/28/1973, 07/12/1973 UM Microfilm A265
Mineola Food Monitor [1979-1983] UM Microfilm A265
New York ACA News 1938-1971 UM Microfilm A658
  Alternative Journalism Review 01/1976-08/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  Alternative Media [1977-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Alternative Press Revue 03/1973-07/1973 UM Microfilm A265
    09/1973-11/1973 UM Microfilm A265
  American Banker 1982-1989 UM Microfiche 237
    1981- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
    1987- Online: Accounting and Tax Database
      Online: Banking Information Source
    1997- Online: Business Source Complete
  American Metal Market 1987- UM Microfilm A992
  American Minerva: an Evening Advertiser 05/1795-04/1796 UM Microfilm A1035
  American Minerva and the NY (Evening) Adv. 05/1794-05/1795 UM Microfilm A1035
  The American Minerva, Patroness of Peace... 12/1793-03/1794 UM Microfilm A1035
  Amerika 1910-1925 UM Microfilm A1208
  Amerikaner 1904-11/1925 UM Microfilm A890
  Amerikaner Familien Magazine un Gazeten... 07/1929-03/1945 UM Microfilm A890
  Amerikaner Froyen Magazine un Gazetteer... 05/1928-07/1929 UM Microfilm A890
  Der Amerikaner un Froyen Magazine... 11/1925-04/1928 UM Microfilm A890
  Anarchos [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Appleseed 02/05/1972-05/01/1972 UM Microfilm A265
  Appleseed Weekly Bulletin 01/11/1971-12/18/1971 UM Microfilm A265
  Blimp undated issues 1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Bond [1968-1974] UM Microfilm A265
  La Boz del Pueblo [1915-1919] UM Microfilm A1204
  Broadside [1970-1971] UM Microfilm A265
    [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 1
  The Catholic Worker 1933-1961 UM BX 801 C36965 1970 Oversz. Per
    1933-01/1946, 1972- UM Microfilm A117
    Current year Du Bois Library 5th Floor 
  China Daily, U.S. edition 01/02/1995- Online: ProQuest Asian Business
  Christian Inquirer 10/17/1846-12/28/1850 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1885
    10/11/1851-09/18/1858 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1886
    10/02/1858-12/10/1864 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1887
  The Colored American 1837-1841 Online: Accessible Archives
    03/04/1837-12/25/1841 Online: CRL
  Commercial and Financial Chronicle 1909-09/17/1976, 04/1978-1987 UM Microfilm A5
  The Commercial & Finan. Chron., Bankers Gaz... 1868-1970 Five College Depository
  Corpus: The Main Body 11/26/1969, 12/16/1969, 02/1970 UM Microfilm A265
  Le Courrier des Etats Unis 03/1828-05/21/1829 UM SCUA AP 21 C6 Oversize
  Daily Newsletter 1955-1964 UM Microfilm A91
  Daily Variety 2000-2013 Online: Film and Television Lit. Index 
    2003- Onlline: Westlaw Campus Research
  Demoriest's New York Illustrated News 01/1864-08/1864 UM Microfilm A881
  El Diario La Prensa 01/03/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  East Village Eye [1979-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  The East Village Other [1967-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  The Epoch Times, New York edition 10/01/2012- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  La Epoke di Nu York=La Epoca de New York 12/02/1919-01/13/1920 UM Microfilm A1204
  Evening Call 12/03/1917-08/10/1918 UM Microfilm A1206
  Filipino Reporter 08/29/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Floating Bear [1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Forverts Current 3 months Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    1994- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Forward 01/07/1994- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Frank Leslie's Weekly  1855-1922 Online: Accessible Archives
  The Free Enquirer 10/29/1828-10/22/1831 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1498
    10/29/1831-06/28/1835 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 1499
  Free Ranger Intertribal News Service [1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Free Student [1965, 1966] UM Microfilm A265
  Freedom 1951-1955 UM Microfilm A715
  Freedom's Journal 1827-1829 Online: Accessible Archives
    1827-1829 Online: African-Am Newsp: 19th Cent.
  The Freeman 11/22/1884-12/06/1884 Online: CRL
  La Gaceta Chibcha 06/13/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Gazette of the United states 04/1789-09/1793 UM Microprint 17
  GI Press Service 06/26/1969-12/25/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Gothic Blimp Works 1969 undated issues UM Microfilm A265
    [1968-1969] Online: Underground & Indep. Comics
  Granpa 11/18/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Guardian [1968-1969, 1977-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Hard Core 12/20/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  The Harlem Liberator 04/29/1933-06/09/1934 Online: CRL
  Hellenic Times 01/31/2002- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Herald, a Gazette for the Country 06/1794-09/1797 UM Microprint 52
    06/1794-09/1797 UM Microfilm A1050
  Herald Tribune [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  High School Independent Press Service 10/07/1968, 11/18/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  High Times [1971-1972, 1974-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Hunter Envoy 02/19/2002-11/25/2008 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  Image Spring 1977 UM Microfilm A265
  Impacto 06/02/1992- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Independent Reflector 11/1752-11/1753 UM Microfilm A82 Reel 13
  India Abroad 01/05/1990- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  India Abroad (1987-1989) 10/02/1987-12/29/1989 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  India in New York 10/03/1997-03/16/2007 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Industrial Unionist 1925-1926 UM HD 4802 I66 Oversize Per
  Informed Source 01/1978-03/1978 UM Microfilm A265
  Inner City Light 03/1981-06/1981, 09/1981-10/1981 UM Microfilm A265
  Irish Voice 10/08/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Israel Horizons 1982-1985 UM Microfilm A265
  Jewish Telegraphic Agency 09/01/1992-07/22/2011 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The Journal of Commerce and Commercial [1948]-05/2000 UM Microfilm A256
  Justice 1919-1977 UM Microfilm A644
  Labor Action 05/1940-09/1958 UM HX 1 L26 Oversize
  Labor Standard [1876-1881] UM Microfilm A359
  Leviathan [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
    1969-1970 Five College Depository
  Liberated Guardian [1970-1973] UM Microfilm A265
  Liberation [1956-1958, 1968-1977] UM Microfilm A265
    1956/1957-1961/1962 UM AP 2 L47 Per
    [1962/1963, 1963/1964] UM AP 2 L47 Per
    1965/1966-[1968/1969]-1976/1977 UM AP 2 L47 Per
    02/1975, 07/1976, 08/1976 UM SCUA Vega 154-155
  Liberation News Service [1967-1981] UM Microfilm A265
  La Luz [1921-1922] UM Microfilm A1207
  Majority Report: the Women's Newspaper [1974, 1978-1979] UM Microfilm A265
  The Man 02/18/1834-05/16/1834 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 565
    05/17/1834-12/22/1834 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 566
  Max 03/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  The Militant 02/07/1969-02/28/1969, 05/30/1969 UM Microfilm A265
    1928-1934 UM HX 1 M5 Oversize
  The Minerva and Mercantile Evening Advertiser 05/1796-09/1797 UM Microfilm A1035
  Mother Earth 1906-1917 UM HX 821 M8 Per
  National Anti-Slavery Standard 1840-1870 Online: Accessible Archives
    1840-1870 UM Microfilm A182
  National News: the News Mag. of Colored Am. 1932 UM Microfilm A714
  The National Standard 07/29/1871-1872 Online: CRL
  National Underground Review 05/1968, 06/17/1968-08/01/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  National Weed 01/1976-05/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  The Needle 04/1968 UM Microfilm A265

Newspapers: New York (NY City to Palmyra)

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
New York      
New York Negro Liberator 07/07/1934-10/17/1935 Online: CRL
  The Negro World 02/24/1923-1930 Online: CRL
  New City Free Press 06/1970-11/30/1970 UM Microfilm A265
  The New York Age 10/15/1887-11/16/1889 Online: CRL
    09/19/1891-02/1892 Online: CRL
    01/04/1919-12/25/1926 Online: CRL
  New York Amsterdam News 11/29/1922-08/27/1938 UM Microfilm A1345
    09/03/1938-01/04/1941 UM Microfilm A1345
    04/03/1943-05/19/1962 UM Microfilm A1345
    05/26/1962-2004/2005 UM Microfilm A1345
    01/1970-11/16/1940 Online: CRL
    05/06/1950-11/25/1950 Online: CRL
    1968-1969 Online: CRL
    1922-1993 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
    01/07/1989- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
    1996- Online: Academic Search Premier
  New York Amsterdam Star-News 02/08/1941-03/27/1943 UM Microfilm A1345
    1941-1943 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  New York Beacon 10/02/1991- Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  New York Blade 01/02/2004-05/29/2009 Online: LGBT Life with Full Text
  The New York Call 06/28/1909-09/30/1923 UM Microfilm A1206
  New York City Star [1973-1976] UM Microfilm A265
  New York Daily Planet [1977] UM Microfilm A265
  New York Daily Times 09/18/1851-09/12/1857 UM Microfilm A1
    09/18/1851-09/12/1857 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  New York Daily Tribune 04/1842-04/1866 UM Microfilm A172
  New York Edition Newsday 1987- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  The New York Evening Call 05/30/1908-06/26/1909 UM Microfilm A1206
  New York Evening Journal [1896-1898] UM Microfilm A8
    [1900-1901]-[1903]-[1906]-1922 UM Microfilm A8
  New York Evening Post 1801-1820 UM Microprint 26-27
    10/01/1832-10/16/1832 Online: CRL
    05/27/1927-07/14/1927 Online: CRL
    09/1927-10/10/1927 Online: CRL
  New York Free Press [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  New York Gazette 08/1759-1767 UM Microprint 22
  New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury 11/13/1775 Online: Burney Collection
  New York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury 02/1768-11/1783 UM Microfilm A1041
  The New York Globe 01/06/1883-11/08/1884 Online: CRL
  New York Herald 01/02/1802-11/15/1817 UM Microprint 53
    1861-1865 Online: Accessible Archives
  New York Herald Tribune (Paris, France) 04/1961-06/1961 Online: CRL
  New York High School Free Press... 12/19/1968, 01/15/1969-12/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  New York Illustrated News 11/1859-01/1864 UM Microfilm A881
  The New York Jewish Week (Manhattan edition) 01/13/1994-05/22/2009 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  The NY Jewish Week (Manhattan ed.)(1973-1985) 11/07/1973-08/02/1985 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  New York Journal or General Advertiser 10/16/1766-08/29/1776 UM Microfilm A313
  New York Leader 10/1923-11/12/1923 UM Microfilm A1206
  New York Mercury 08/1752-01/1768 UM Microprint 21
  New York News Service [1973] UM Microfilm A265
  New York Observer 1833-1919 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 1856-1874
    2003- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  New York Post 1997- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  New York Sentinel and Working Man's Advocate 06/09/1830-08/14/1830 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 581
  New York Socialist 04/04/1908-12/19/1908 UM Microfilm A290
  The New York Spirit of the Times 1835-02/1837 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 620
  New York Star & Amsterdam News 01/11/1941-02/01/1941 UM Microfilm A1345
    1922-1993 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
  New York Times 09/18/1851- UM Microfilm A1
    Current issues Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    1851-2012 Online: ProQuest Hist. Newspapers
    1997- Online: Arts and Humanities
  New York Times Women's Health 06/22/1997-06/21/1998 Online: GenderWatch
  New York Tribune 04/1841-04/1842, 04/1866-03/1924 UM Microfilm A172
  New York Weekly Journal 11/1733-03/1751 UM Microprint 23
  New-Yorske Listy 1934, 1942-1943 Online: CRL
  News India 08/16/1991- Onlilne: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Nomad Summer 1971, 07/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  Now York Times [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 2
  Now York Woman [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 2
  NYRS&P:  New York  Review of Sex and Politics 11/01/1969, 12/01/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Novoe Russkoe Slovo Current issues Du Bois Library 5th Floor
  Observation Post 05/02/1968-05/07/1968 UM Microfilm A265
    09/12/1968-10/11/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Other Scenes [1968-1971, 1973-1974, 1976] UM Microfilm A265
  Overthrow [1979-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Pac-o-lies 12/25/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Partisan:Magazine of Youth Against War & Fascism [1965-1969] UM Microfilm A265
  Pax  undated issue 1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Peace & Democracy News: the Bulletin of the... [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  The People 1891-06/17/1900 UM Microfilm A308
  The People's Rts. & Organ of the Nat. Reform Assn. 07/24/1844-07/27/1844 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 583
  People's Weekly World 04/26/1997-12/19/2009 Online: Alt-PressWatch
    2003- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  People's World (National edition) 04/26/1997-01/01/2010 Online: Alt-PressWatch
  PM 06/18/1940-06/22/1948 UM Microfilm A1171
  El Progreso 10/10/1915-12/03/1915 UM Microfilm A1204
  Il Proletario 12/1916-03/1918, 05/1920-08/1921 Online: CRL
  Questionable Cartoons undated issue 1981 UM Microfilm A265
  Rat-Subterranean News [1968-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  The Realist [1967-1969, 1971-1972] UM Microfilm A265
    [1961-1974] UM SCUA AP 101 R43 Per
  Reliable Source: News, Satire, & Report 04/1977-07/1977 UM Microfilm A265
  Revolution [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  The Revolution [1868-1871] Online: Accessible Archives
  Revolutionary Age 1929/1930-1931-1932 UM HX 1 R48 Oversize
  Rivington's NY Gazette and Universal Advertiser 11/1783-12/1783 UM Microprint 10
  Rivington's NY Gaz. or the CT, Hudson's River... [10/1777] UM Microprint 10
  Rivington's NY Gaz. or the CT, NJ, Hudson's R... 04/1773-11/1775 UM Microprint 10
    05/12/1774-11/09/1775 Online: Burney Collection
  Rivington's New York Loyal Gazette 10/1777-12/1777 UM Microprint 10
  The Royal Gazette 12/1777-11/1783 UM Microprint 10
  Sansculottes 10/1968 and undated issues UM Microfilm A265
  The Socialist [1876] UM Microfilm A359
  The Son of Jabberwock 03/05/1968-04/19/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Spirit of the Times 02/1837-06/1861 UM Microfilm A83 Reels 620-640
  Spirit of the Times (N.A. Buck) 07/1868-04/1892 UM Microfilm A322
  Spirit of the Times & Life in New York 12/1831-11/1832 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 620
  Spirit of the Times and The New York Sportsman 1892-1902 UM Microfilm A322
  The Subterranean & The Working Man's Advocate 10/12/1844-12/21/1844 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 583
  Thorn 05/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Together Current year Du Bois Library 5th Floor
  The Traveller, Family Journal, Spirit of the Times... 1833 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 620
  Triple Jeopardy 09/1971-10/1971 UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
    [1971, 1973] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 16
    [1973-1974] UM Microfilm 4372 Reel 7
  UE News 1939-1977 UM Microfilm A667
  Underground Digest 03/1967 UM Microfilm A265
  University Review 03/1973-05/1973, 10/1974-12/1974 UM Microfilm A265
  UPS News Service [1971-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  UR: University Review 01/1975 UM Microfilm A265
  Urban Underground 11/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  La Vara 12/07/1923-02/13/1948 UM Microfilm A1199
  Variety 1905-1959, 02/1980-1989 UM Microfilm A362
    12/09/1953-03/03/1954 Online: CRL
    1999-2013 Online: Film and TV Lit. Index
    2000- Online: Intl. Index to Performing Arts
  Viet Report 04/1968-05/1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Village Voice 1957- UM Microfilm A177
    Current year Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    01/05/1988- Online: Alt-PressWatch
    1996- Online: Intl. Index to Performing Arts
    1996- Online: Intl. Index to Music Periodicals
  Wall Street Journal (Central edition) 1984- Online: ABI Inform Complete
    1991- Online: Asian Business and Reference
    2000-2003 Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition) 1889- UM Microfilm A7
    Current issues Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    1984- Online: ABI Inform Complete
    2000-2003 Online: Westlaw Campus Research
    1991- Online: Asian Business and Reference
  Weekly Advocate [1837] Online: Accessible Archives
    01/07/1837-02/25/1837 Online: CRL
  Weekly Anglo-African 07/1859-07/1860 Online: CRL
  Weekly People 06/23/1900-1903 UM Microfilm A308
  West Side News [1967] UM Microfilm A265
  Weyman's New York Gazette 02/1759-08/1759 UM Microprint 32
  White Lightning [1972-1973, 1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Wilkes' Spirit of the Times 1859-06/1868 UM Microfilm A322
  Win [1967-1983] UM Microfilm A265
  Witzend [1967, 1973] UM Microfilm A265
  WWD 2000- Online: ABI Inform Complete
    2004- Online: Business Source Complete
    Latest 6 months Du Bois Library 5th Floor
    1979-10/2000 UM Microfilm A733
  The Woman Citizen: Official Organ of the National... 06/1917-12/1918 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 200
    1919-1920 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 201
    1921-1923 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 202
    1924-1926 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 203
    1927-06/1931 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 204
  The Woman's Protest 05/1912-02/1918 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 252
  The Woman's Protest Against Woman Suffrage 05/1912-02/1918 UM Microfilm 6811a Reel 252
  Woman's World [1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
    [1971-1972] UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 17
  Women and Revolution 05/1972 UM Microfilm 2817 Reel 17
    Fall 1973, Summer 1974 UM Microfilm 4372 Reel 8
  Women's Liberation 01/12/1971-08/02/1971 UM Microfilm A265
    [1970-1971] UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 3
  Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly 05/1870-06/1876 UM Microfilm A368
  The Worker 04/1901-03/1908 UM Microfilm A290
  Workers Age 1932-1941 UM HX 1 W72 Oversize
  Working Man's Advocate 10/31/1829-06/05/1830 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 581
  World 1895-02/27/1931 UM Microfilm A34
  Yipster Times [1973-1974, 1977-1978] UM Microfilm A265
  Young America 03/29/1845-09/23/1848 UM Microfilm A83 Reel 583
  Young Socialist 05/1969, 11/1973 UM Microfilm A265
  Youth and Nation [1968-1969, 1979-1980] UM Microfilm A265
Oneida Indian Country Today 01/07/1993-01/12/2011 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
  Indian Country Today (1983-1988) 04/14/1983-12/27/1988 Online: Ethnic NewsWatch
Palmyra Palmyra Herald and Canal Advertiser 06/19/1822-03/12/1823 UM Microfilm A1306
  Palmyra Register 1817-1821 UM Microfilm A1305
  Wayne Sentinel 1823-1834 UM Microfilm A1307
  Western Farmer 1821-06/12/1822 UM Microfilm A1306

Newspapers: New York (Rochester to Woodside)

City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
New York      
Rochester Douglass' Monthly 1859-1863 UM Microfiche 297
    1859-1863 Online: African-Am Newsp. 19th cent.
    01/1859-08/1863 Online: Accessible Archives
    1858-1863 UM Microfilm A364
  Frederick Douglass' Paper 06/26/1851-12/14/1855 UM Microfilm A365
    1851-1855 Online: African-Am. Newsp. 19th cent.
    [06/26/1851-12/14/1855] Online: Accessible Archives
  The Journal [1971-1972] UM Microfilm A265
  The North Star 1847-1851 UM Microfilm A357
    1847-1851 Online: Accessible Archives
  Rochester Patriot [1973-1982] UM Microfilm A265
Saugerties The Atlantis News [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Schenectady The New Citizen 01/1976-03/1976, 10/1976-12/1976 UM Microfilm A265
  Paper Highway 04/1968, 10/1968, 01/1969-02/1969 UM Microfilm A265
Seneca Falls The Lily 1849-1856 Online: Accessible Archives
Staten Island The New Advocate: a Voice Crying in the Wildern. 04/1969 UM Microfilm A265
  Yipster [1972, 1975-1976] UM Microfilm A265
Syracuse The National Citizen and Ballot Box 1876-1881 Online: Accessible Archives
  Nickel Review [1969-1970] UM Microfilm A265
  Peace Newsletter [1975-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Renewable Energy News [1984-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Syracuse New Times 01/12/2000- Online: Alt-PressWatch
Waterloo Seneca Farmer [1823-1824] UM Microfilm A947
  Waterloo Gazette 1817-1821 UM Microfilm A947
  Waterloo Republican 1822-1823 UM Microfilm A947
Westbury Long Island Free Press [1970-1971] UM Microfilm A265
Westhampton Beach Moniebogue Press [1972} UM Microfilm A265
Woodside The Anemic Traveler 06/1969 UM Microfilm A265