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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries

Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries - S to Z - by Title Keyword

Sacco-Vanzetti case papers UM Microform 7063 1920-28. 2,000 items: court records, prosecution/defense memorabilia
Salem (Mass.). Town clerks records UM Microform A245 MSS. records 1865-1899. Tax records 1800-1810 & 1830-1850.
Sargent, Winthrop, papers UM Microform 318 Continental Army major, NW Territorial adm., MS Territory's 1st gov.
Sedgwick Papers, Catherine Maria UM Microform 7707 Popular novelist, b. in Stockbridge, MA. Corresp., diaries, mss., 1798-1908.
Shaw, Lemuel, papers  UM Microform 1388 Massachusetts Chief Justice, General Court representative, State senator.
Slave narratives UM Microfiche 52 2,000 interviews with former slaves in 17 states.
Smith-Townsend papers, 1670-1892 UM Microform 5546 Medford Smiths, Lynn Townsends. Descendants, lt. col., surgeon, loyalist.
Sol Feinstone collection of the American Revolution UM Microform 2295 1,800 original manuscripts, including letters from many notables.
South Africa, documents, univ. apartheid, Christian Natl. Ed.  UM Microform 6016 1931-63. Natl. Union of S. African Students' reports, newsletter.
South Africa, Garment Workers Union, papers UM Microform 6015 1922?-1963? Correspondence, legal materials, minutes, bills, etc.
South Africa. Ind. & Commercial Workers Union, Yase Natal UM Microform 6018 1925-43. Documents, correspondence, reports, clippings, etc.
South Africa, misc. documents UM Microform 311 1902-1963. Pamphlets, newspapers, etc. from the Hoover Institution.
South Africa, Press cuttings files, 1956-67 UM Microform 735 S .African Institute of Race Relations newspaper clippings files.
South Africa, Treason trial evidence UM Microform A323 5,000 documents from the South African high treason trial, 1959-1961.
Southern Tenant Farmers Union papers UM Microform 11800 1934-1970. Correspondence, reports, leaflets, photographs, etc.
Spanish drama of the Golden Age UM Microform 6578 3,200+ plays from the 17th-early 19th centuries.
Stimson, Henry Lewis, diaries UM Microform 10224 1909-45. US Sec. of State 1929-33, Sec. of War 1911-13, 1940-45.
Strong, Caleb. Papers UM Microform 5788 1657-1818. Deeds, wills, corresp. of Strong Sr. & Jr. (MA gov., US Senator).
Sumner, Charles. Papers UM Microform 11803 US Senator, anti-slavery/civil rights proponent. 26,000+ letters.
Susan B. Anthony scrapbooks UM Microform 5025 1848-1900. Clippings, memorabilia concerning women's suffrage.
Thomas, Norman. Papers UM Microform 6792 1904-67. Soc. leader, civil liberties/anti-war crusader, 6x pres. candidate.
Thoreau: Walden and other manuscripts UM Microform 11794 Journals, poetry, essays, translations, letters.
Top-secret hearings. Senate Com., Foreign Rel., 1st install.  UM Microform 5544 1959-66. Briefings/statements, U-2, Bay of Pigs, Cyprus/Dom., coups.
Truman, Harry, President. Map room messages UM Microform 5564 1945-46. Communiques re: World War II & postwar diplomacy.
Underground newspaper collection UM Microform A265 200 US plus some foreign alternative papers mainly from the 1960s-70s.
Utah and the Mormons UM Microform 1509 Rare books, pamphlets, periodicals, serials. Also includes Utah history.
Vietnam, documentary collection. Westmoreland v. CBS UM Microfiche 682 1982 libel suit. Extensive testimony, trial trans., depositions, exhibits.
Vietnam, media & public support for the war UM Microform 7129 Documents Johnson adm.'s reaction to & attempts to shape public opinion.
Vietnam, Memos...McGeorge Bundy to President Johnson UM Microform 6799 1963-66. Vietnam War, US relations with Soviets & British, etc.
Vietnam. National Security Files UM Microform 6801 Nov. 1963-June 1965. Natl. Security Council cables, corresp., memoranda.
Wales & America: documents...National Library of Wales UM Microform 5899 17th-19th centuries. Welsh migration to America. MSS, letters, sermons.
Ward, Artemas. Papers UM Microform 1506 Revolutionary War Major-General, Continental Congress member, court justice.
Warren-Adams papers UM Microform 5881 1767-1822. Letters, John/Abigail/Samuel Adams, James/Mercy O.Warren.
Warren, Mercy. Papers, 1709-1841 UM Microforms 739 Historian, poet, dramatist from Plymouth, MA.
W.E.B. Du Bois (1877-1963) UM Microform 4877 150,000+ items from UMA collection. Black reform leader, scholar, author.
W.E.B. Du Bois, FBI file UM Microform 10791 Investigation of Du Bois' suspected Communist affiliations.
Winthrop papers UM Microform 5353 1537-1905. 3 centuries of letters, diaries, etc. incl. those of Gov. Winthrop.
Wirt, William. Papers UM Microform 7713 US Attorney General, eminent lawyer, successful orator/author/historian.
Witchcraft in Europe and America  UM Microform 12083 1,045 titles. 15th-20th centuries. Rare primary/secondary sources.
Women. American women's diaries UM Microform 7720 Seg. 1: New England. 8 middle & upper class women. 18th-early 20th cent.
Women & family relations in Argentina UM Microform 8452 1983-88. Posters, broadsides, pamphlets. 215 items.
Women in Argentina UM Microform 8451 1978-85. Pamphlets, newspaper articles, broadsides. 44 items.
Women in Argentina III: pamphlets UM Microform 8453 1984-89. From Princeton Univ. Latin American pamphlet collection. 75 items.
Women in Brazil UM Microform 9280  1978-86. From Princeton University's Latin American pamphlet collection.
Women in Brazil: pamphlets UM Microform 8450 1979-88. From Princeton Univ. Latin American pamphlet collection. 55 items.
Women in Uruguay: pamphlets UM Microform 8449 1978-88. From Princeton Univ. Latin American pamphlet collection. 35 items.
Women in Uruguay II: pamphlets UM Microform 8449 1986-1990. Princeton Univ. Latin American pamphlet collection. 25 items.
Women's movement in Cuba UM Microform 11799 1898-1958. From Cuban archives, in Spanish. Feminism, politics, legal status.
Women's Trade Union League...papers UM Microform 6810 Est. in Boston 1903, middle class advocates, social justice, working women.
Woolf, Virginia. Manuscripts UM Microform 12013 From Monks House Papers. Unpublished stories, 17 reading notebooks
World War I: American occupation in Germany UM Microform 7259 1918-23. Complete acct. of Am. military govt. in occupied Germany after WWI.
World War I: Federal surveillance of Afro-Americans UM Microform 6691 1917-25. WWI, Red Scare, Garvey Movement. Spying on supposed radicals.
World War I: First World War, doc. record, ser. 1, Pt. 5 UM Microform 11797  Royal Army Med. Corps., Red Cross, other aux. services. 600+ items.
World War I. Rep. papers. Allied Powers Reparation Com. UM Microform 6518 Concern postwar Germany's debt, industry, military restrictions, etc.
World War I. Reports, American Com. to Negotiate Peace UM Microform 6517 Am. delegation used these major hist., polit., econ. repts. at Versailles 1919.
World War I survey UM Microform 7083 Veterans' questionnaire responses, letters, diaries, memoirs, unit histories.
World War II: Administrative histories, civilian agencies UM Microform 5892 423 histories of the 57 agencies covering all aspects of the war effort.
World War II: Dept. of State decimal file UM Microform 7730 1939-35. Instructions & dispatches to & from diplomatic/consular officials.
World War II: Gen. Board US Forces European Theater UM Microform 7064 1944-45. 131 repts. analyzing/evaluating US military functions in WWII
World War II: Gen. Brd. US Forces European Theater UM Microform 7064 1944-45. 131 reports evaluating US military functions in WWII.
World War II: German Army High Command UM Microform 6532 1938-45. Definitive GAHC hist. by 47 Oberkommando officers. In English.
World War II: German naval staff, war diary, Oper. Div. UM Microform 7062 1939-45. Daily account of German naval operations during WWII.
World War II: History of the Office of Censorship UM Microform 6531 1941-45. Censored intl. communication in all US press, films, radio, mail.
World War II: Japan & its occupied territories UM Microform 7037 219 titles. Pt. 1. OSS/State Dept. intelligence & research reports.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff,Pt 1 European Theater UM Microform 6520 1942-45. 100s of repts. WWII in the Atlantic, Europe, Soviet U., N. Africa.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pt 1 meetings UM Microform 6521 1942-45. JCS & CCS (Combined Chiefs of Staff) daily planning of WWII.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pt 1 Pacific Theater  UM Microform 6519 1942-45. 825 titles detail operations, combat planning, future strategies.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pt 1 strategic issues UM Microform 6522 1942-45. Production, shipping, aircraft, propaganda, war crimes, etc.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pt 2 United States UM Microform 6526 1946-53. Memoranda, repts. on natl. security, civil & US territorial defense.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pt 2 Europe/NATO UM Microform 6524 1946-53. 1,062 repts. on each European country and their common interests.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pt 2 Meetings UM Microforms 6527 1946-53. Minutes, supporting docs. of JCS & its committees.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pt. 2 strategic issues UM Microform 6528 Memoranda/official repts. on atomic/bio./chem. warfare, Berliln airlift.
World War II: Joint Chiefs of Staff. Pt. 2 strategic issues UM Microform 6529 1946-53. Memoranda/official repts., psychological warfare, global demarcation.
World War II: Military intelligence, Pacific UM Microform 7075 1942-46. Bulletins. Japanese forces/weapons/tech., translations, enemy docs.
World War II: Military intelligence, W. Hemisphere UM Microform 7098 1920-43. Combat estimates, recovery, future allies/enemies military strengths.
World War II: Military intelligence reports. Bi-weekly UM Microform 7096 1928-38. US military attaches, firsthand acct. of events leading up to WWII.
World War II: OSS/London: Special Ops...war diaries UM Microform 7106 8,000+pp. OSS espionage, training, sabotage in Europe during WWII.
World War II: State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee UM Microform 7084 1944-47. 402 case studies & 2,045 subcases re: polit./mil. issues after WWII.
World War II through American newsreels UM Microfiche 548 1942-45. Scripts, 272 newsreels, Fox/MGM/Paramount/RKO/Universal.
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