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Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries

Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries - M to R - by Title Keyword

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MacArthur, Douglas. Military situation, relief of Gen. MacArthur UM Microform 6544 8,000+ pp. Senate hearings, MacArthur's firing, Korean War.
Maclure collection of French Revolutionary materials UM Microform 4376 25,000 French Revolution publications: newspapers, petitions.
Manhattan Project: official history and documents UM Microform 6530 10,000+ pp. text/photos, atomic bomb's development & use.
Mascarene family papers, 1687-1839 UM Microform 1390 Correspondence, etc. from Nova Scotia's Lt.-Governor + NS Loyalists.
Massachusetts Archives  UM Microfilm A180 328 vols. 17th-18th century military, land, court, etc. records.
Massachusetts, Continental Loan Office records UM Microform 7957 1771-91. Est. to fund the Revo. Loan/liquidated debt certif., letters, etc.
Massachusetts, Lists of the polls and...estates...1784 UM Microfilm 8730 Assessors' returns of 44 MA towns. List buildings, cattle, acreage, etc.
Massachusetts, Local tax list through 1776 UM Microform 1579 Tax lists of MA towns for the Colonial period. Salem only 1682-1773.
Massachusetts, Maritime records, 1779-1788 UM Microfilm A360b MSS records from MA Superior Court Judicature & Supreme Judicial Court.
Massachusetts, Returns, accts. MA regiments/battalions UM Microform 7266 1779-82. # officers, phys. desc., arms/ammunition/rations accts.
Massachusetts, Province in rebellion UM Microfiche 25 1774-75. Transcripts of 1,100 records from royal/revolutionary govt. in MA.
Massachusetts, Superior Court of Judicature, 1692-1780 UM Microfilm A360a 34 vols. of MSS records from MA Superior Court of Judicature.
Massachusetts, Tax valuations UM Microfilm 12374 Town valuation summaries 1784-5, 1791, 1831, 1841, 1850, 1860.
Mathers, Cotton.  Papers UM Microform 7850 1636-1724. Cong. minister 2nd Ch. of Boston. Diaries, sermons, corresp.
Mather, Increase, microfilm project  UM Microform 7851 "Foremost American Puritan" of his day. 2nd Ch. Boston minister, Harv. pres.
Mazzei, Philip. Papers UM Microform 5548 1730-1818. Italian merchant/diplomat. Nat. citizen of VA. Am. Revo. advocate.
Mexico. Correspondence UM Microfilm A 988 1919-58. Corresp. between British Foreign Office, diplomats in Mexico.
Mexico. Correspondence, filibustering expedition UM Microform D172 1811-1816. 30+ items including letters to James Madison & James Monroe.
Mexico. Independent Mexico in newspapers, 19th cent. UM Microfilm A 1280 1807-1900. Selected titles, UTexas Benson Latin American Collection.
Mexico. Orders of General Zachary Taylor...Mexican War UM Microform D165 1845-47. Complete set of orders to the Army of Occupation.
Mexico. Revolutionary Mexico in newspapers UM Microfilm A 1281 1900-29. UTexas Benson Latin American collection. Reels 212-219
Mexico. U.S. military intelligence reports: Mexico UM Microform 6558 1919-41. 10,000 pp. re: political unrest, educational & land reform, etc.
Middlesex Co...towns through 1830, Records UM Microfilm A588 MSS vital records, tax lists, etc. Some may go well beyond 1830.
Montezuma, Carlos, MD. Papers UM Microform 7050  1890s-1920s. Yavapai Indian, physician, Native Am. rights crusader.
Morris, Gouverneur Papers UM Microform 223 US Senator, Continental Congress member, Minister to France, lawyer.
Murrow, Edward R., papers UM Microform 6796 1927-65. Founding father broadcast journalism, CBS exec., US Info. Agency Dir.
Muste, A.J., Papers, 1920-1967 UM Microform 12369 Pacifist, labor organizer. Includes corresp., clippings, articles, etc.
NAACP papers. Part 1 UM Microform 7578 Directors' mtgs., conf. records, major speeches, special repts. 1909-50.
NAACP papers. Part 1 Suppl. #1 UM Microform 10534  Bd. of dir. minutes, mo & annual mtg. repts., conf. records 1951-55.
NAACP papers. Part 1 Suppl. #2 UM Microform 10535 Time of violent reactions in So. states re: Brown v. Bd. of Education 1956-60.
NAACP papers. Part 1 Suppl. #3 UM Microform 10536 Challenging period, Freedom Rides, sit-ins, March on Washington 1961-65.
NAACP papers. Part 2 UM Microform 7579 Personal correspondence of selected NAACP officials 1919-39.
NAACP papers. Part 3 A-D UM Microform 7078 Campaign for educ. equality, Legal Dept. & Central Office records 1913-50.
NAACP papers. Part 4 UM Microform 7581 Voting rights campaign 1916-50. Intimidation, poll taxes, women's suffrage, etc.
NAACP papers. Part 4 Suppl. UM Microform 11196 Voting rights, general office files 1956-65.
NAACP papers. Part 5 UM Microform 7582 Campaign against residential segregation 1914-55. Complete housing files.
NAACP papers. Part 6 UM Microform 7583 Scottsboro Case 1931-50. One of the key 20th cent. civil rights trials.
NAACP papers. Part 7 A-B UM Microform 7584 Anti-lynching campaign 1912-55. Mobviolence, race riots.
NAACP papers. Part 8 A-B UM Microform 8445 Discrimination in the criminal justic system 1910-55.
NAACP papers. Part 9 A-C UM Microform 8725 Discrimination in the US Armed Forces 1918-55.
NAACP papers. Part 11 UM Microform 11535 Subject files 1912-39. Pre-1940 files not filmed in NAACP Parts 1-10.
NAACP papers. Part 12 B-C UM Microform 11195 Selected branch files 1913-39. Early civil rights activism + biographical info.
NAACP papers. Part 15  A-B UM Microfilm 10786 Segregation & discrimination complaints & responses 1940-55.
NAACP papers. Part 22 UM Microform 10787 Legal Dept. administrative files 1956-65. Cover civil rights law.
NAACP papers. Part 23 B UM Microform 11192 Legal Dept. case files 1956-65. Aggressive litigation to est. desegregation.
NAACP papers. Part 25 A UM Microfilm 12372 Regional branch files, special repts. 1941-55. Local leadership, networks.
NAACP papers. Part 26 A-B UM Microfilm 12373 Selected branch files 1940-55. Covers office activities & state conferences.
National Assn. of Colored Women's Clubs records UM Microform 11798 1895-1992. Pt. 1-2. Est. 1896. Oldest such women's group in US.
National economy under President Johnson UM Microform 6547 Official history of 5 key players: Treas., SEC, FR, Budget, Econ. Advisers.
National Negro Congress: FBI file on the NNC UM Microform 7711 Natl. Negro Congress: news summaries, membership rosters, repts., etc.
National Security Council. Documents UM Microform 7591 1947-77. US Cold War relations with USSR, China, Korea, SE Asia, etc.
National Security Council. Documents, 1st suppl. UM Microform 7592 1948-60. Covers US policy toward USSR, Korea, Israel, Arab States.
National Security Council. Documents, 2nd suppl. UM Microform 7593 1948-61. Atomic energy, aid to Africa, communism in SE Asia, Vietnam.
National Security Council. Documents, 3rd suppl. UM Microform 7594 1949-60. Psychological warfare, civil defense, China/UN, Latin America.
National Security Council. Minutes, advisory reports. UM Microform 7596 1947-60. Policy papers, background documents, CIA reports, etc.
Naval Astronomical Expedition. Correspondence UM Microform D194 Letters, notebooks, telescopic observations near Santiago.
Naval Office shipping lists for Mass., 1686-1765. UM Microform 1502 Boston, Salem, Marblehead, Newbury, York. Some cargo included slaves.
Navy. Hearings before the General Board of the Navy UM Microform 6516 1917-50. 23,000 pp. 68-subj. classification: budget, naval stations, etc.
Navy. Records. US surveying expedition N. Pacific Ocean UM Microform D33 1852-63. Reconnaissance mission for naval/commercial purposes.
New Deal agencies & black America in the 1930s UM Microform 6551 Resources from the many agencies involved with FDR's ND & black America.
New York City. Photographic views of New York City UM Microfiche 232  54,000 photographs from NY Public Library. 1870s-1970s.
Negro in the military service of the U.S. UM Microform D312 Documents copied from primary sources for AGO's Colored Troops Division.
Nicaragua. Confidential diplomatic post records UM Microform 6540 1930-45. Messages from D.C. to US embassies, locally-gathered info.
Nicaragua. Confidential State Dept. files, 1945-1949 UM Microform 7246 Internal/foreign affairs. Rise of efforts to overthrow Anastasio Somoza.
Nicaragua. Confidential State Dept. files, 1950-1954  UM Microform 7247 Internal/foreign affairs. US relations, Somoza's power consolidation.
Oliver family papers, 1419-1946 UM Microform 5543 Distinguished family of varied careers - MA chief justice/lt. gov., MDs, etc.
Oneida Community  UM Microform 2648 1834-1972. Books, pamphlets, serials. 19th century NY Perfectionists.
Oppenheimer, J. Robert. FBI security file UM Microform 7130 Taped phone conversations, opened mail, interrogations of colleagues.
Oriental question 1840-1890 UM Microform 10533 Letters of Queen Victoria & leading polit. figures re: "Near Eastern Question."
Osage Indian murders, FBI files UM Microform 7710 1921-23 OK murders committed for access to the tribe's great oil wealth.
Otis, Harrison Gray. Papers UM Microform 5679 1691-1870. Federalist, lawyer, Congressman, Senator, Boston mayor.
Palestine. Anglo-American Com of Inquiry, reports UM Microform 7726 1944-46. Confidential files, Jewish survivors, Palestine resettlement.
Palestine & Israel. Confidential State Dept. files UM Microform 6560 1945-49. Internal/foreign affairs incl. polit., military, social, econ.
Palestine & Israel. Confidential State Dept. files UM Microform 6694 1950-54. Am. diplomatic reports on military, econ., polit., social.
Panama. Crises in Panama & the Dominican Republic UM Microform 6550 Natl. secur. files, NSC histories re: 1964 Panama riots, 1965 DR intervention.
Parker, Theodore. Papers UM Microform 5678 1826-62. Boston Unitarian minister & social causes advocate. Letters, diaries.
Pattison, James, papers 1777-1781 UM Microform 2284 British general, artillery officer. New York city/garrison commandant.
Pelham (Mass.). Records, 1743-1779, 1792 UM Microfilm A246 355 items including town meeting minutes, valuations, voter lists, etc.
Penn, Thomas, Papers, 1729-1832 UM Microform  1264 Wm. Penn's son, PA proprietor, and major landowner residing in England.
Periodiques clandestins 1939-1945 UM Microfilm A345 Periodicals, French & other resistance groups during World War II.
Periodiques diffuse clandestinement, France 1941-45
UM Microfilm A344 Underground papers, France in resistance to German occupation.
Perkins, Thomas Handasyd, papers UM Microform 7267 1789-1892. Business recs., corresp., successful Boston China merchant.
Peru. Women in Peru: pamphlets UM Microform 10530 1983-85. From Princeton Univ. Latin American pamphlet collection. 26 items.
Peru. Women in Peru II: pamphlets UM Microform 10531 1980-90. From Princeton Univ. Latin American pamphlet collection. 64 items.
Pickering, Timothy papers UM Microfilm 319 Revolutionary War Quartermaster General, Secretary of War and State.
Powderly, Terence Vincent. Papers UM Microform 6797 1864-1924. Corresp., Knights of Labor leaders TVP & John Wm. Hayes.
Prescott, MA town records UM Microfilm A243 Town meeting and misc. records.
Press cuttings files, 1956-67 UM Microform 735 South African Institute of Race Relations newspaper clippings files.
Price, Ezekiel, Papers, 1754-1785 UM Microform 740  Letters, petitions, etc. re: the Am. Revolution, Maine lands, Boston.
Pynchon, Major John, Account Books UM Microform 1489 Son of Springfield MA founder, principal merchant for W. New England
Quincy, Wendell, Holmes, Upham families. Papers UM Microform 6021 1633-1910. Clergy, physician, Congressman, Patriot, author, etc.
Revolutionary War prize cases UM Microform D38 1776-1787. Appeals cases concerning captured British vessels.
Robeson, Paul. FBI file UM Microform 7709 1941-78. Investigation of performer/civil rts. activist's, Communist party ties.
Roosevelt, Eleanor, papers UM Microform 7597 1933-45. Corresp. re: Depression relief, welfare, race relations, women, youth.
Roosevelt, Franklin D., Press Conferences UM Microform 1496 1933-1945.  1933-1945. 1,011 original stenographic transcripts.
Rowan, Stephen C., papers, 1826-1890 UM Microform D205 Vice & Rear Admiral, Commandant Navy Yard NY, Supt. Naval Observatory.
Ruffin, Edmund, Diary UM Microform 1504 VA agriculturalist. Strongly anti-union. Includes newspaper clippings.
Russia, Expedition in North Russia, 1918-1919 UM Microform 4056 Declassified docs re: the American Expeditionary Force intervention.
Russia in transition UM Microform 7043 1916-18. Am. Amb. David R. Francis' Russian Revo. era diplom. papers.
Russian revolutionary literature UM Microform 6577 Pre-1917 books, pamphlets, broadsides (some during & after 1917). 1,200 titles.