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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries

Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries - G to L - by Title Keyword

Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849). Papers UM Microform 1501 U.S. Treasury Secretary and Congressman, diplomat.
German baroque literature UM Microfilm A231 2,363 titles from 1575-1740. Based on Yale's collection.
German books before 1601 UM Microform A94 Books printed in the German-speaking countries, 1455-1600
German Foreign Office, Records UM Microform  D363 Political archive files, 1920-1945, received by Dept. of State
German & Austrian drama UM Microform 6809 3,308 titles, German & Viennese plays/opera libretti, pub. 1740-90.
Germany & its occupied territories, World War II  UM Microform 7036 OSS/State Dept. reports by leading scholars in intl. affairs. 440 titles.
Germany, Reports...military,Germany, US Zone  UM Microform 7133 1945-53. Occupied Germany's transformaton to a Fed. Repub.
Germany, NSDAP Hauptarchiv  UM Microform 4452 1919-1933. Historical, German Nationalist Socialist Party Archive.
Germany, U.S. military intelligence reports UM Microform 7079 1919-41. Voluminous reports on German domestic & foreign affairs.
Germany, U.S. Dept. of State, internal affairs, Russian Zone UM Microform D362 1950-54. Consular/diplomatic docs. re: E. German industry, society.
Gilbert, W.S., Correspondence, diaries... UM Microform 12365 From the British Lib. Literary MSS, prompt copies, drawings, music.
Gloucester records 1642-1874 UM Microfilm A632 Town, parish meetings, Selectmen and Assessors records, deeds.
Great Britain. Colonial reports - annual UM Microfiche 473 1889-1938/39. British Colonial Office. 1,936 annual reports.
Green, Nathanael Papers UM Microform 255 Continental Army Major- and Quartermaster-General.
Greenwich (Mass.). Town records UM Microfilm A244 1782-1916. Town meeting minutes; militia, pew, and voter lists.
Hadley, MA, Proprietors' records; highways UM Microfilm A241 1659-1813. Originals and transcriptions.
Hadley, MA, Votes and minutes, etc. UM Microfilm A242 1659-1954. Town meeting records.
Hale, George Ellery. Papers UM Microform 7724 1882-1937. Astrophysicist. Founded observatories, Astrophysical Journal
Hampshire County, MA, Probate records UM Microfilm 1555 1660-1820. Manuscript volumes.
Hancock Family papers UM Microform 5792 1728-1815. Mainly re: wealthy Boston merchant Thomas & nephew John.
Harbottle Dorr...annotated Massachusetts newspapers UM Microform 2332 1765-1776. Dorr's collection, 7 papers, broadsides & pamphlets.
Hardy, Thomas, Original manuscripts and papers UM Microform 3822 Manuscripts, scrapbooks, posters, biographical material.
Herstory UM Microform 2337 317 women's movement newspapers, journals, 1956-1971.
Herstory 1 addenda UM Microform 2816 Fill-in issues for Herstory I of titles published before Oct., 1971.
Herstory 1 update UM Microform 2817 Continues Herstory I with 10/71-6/73 newspapers, some intl. titles.
Herstory 1 continuing update UM Microform 4372 Updates Herstory I titles for 7/73-6/74.
Herstory 2 UM Microform 2818 Further Herstory additions. Mostly new titles from 10/71-6/73.
Herstory 2 update UM Microform 4373 Continuation of Herstory 2 serials, 7/73-6/74.
Herstory 3 UM Microform 4374 Contains new titles - serials which first began publishing 7/73-6/74.
Herter, Christian A., Papers...and John Foster Dulles UM Microform 7254  Secretaries of State corresp., memos, speeches, Pres. mtgs.
Hillquit, Morris, Papers UM Microform 4064 Socialist and labor leader, author, politician.
Hispanic culture series, books before 1601 UM Microform  A152 Spanish, Spanish American, Portuguese books printed before 1601.
Historic American Buildings Survey UM Microfiche 238- Graphic record, 1933 of American building art. Photos, description.
Historic American Building Survey - Measured drawings UM Microform 5022 Highly accurate detailed drawings based on existing structures.
History of women UM Microfilm 6811 1700s to 1920. Books, pamphlets, manuscripts, photographs.
Hopedale Community, 1821-1938 UM Microform 5018 Founded in Mendon, MA 1846. Books, pamphlets, photos, MSS.
House Committee, Un-American Activities, FBI file UM Microform 7260 1938-75. Hundreds of repts. from the anti-communist investigations.
House of Commons, Committee reports, 1715-1801 UM Microform 2856 First Series. 100+ reports on all aspects of 18th century life.
Indian census rolls, 1885-1940 UM Microform D111 Show English/Indian names, age/DOB, sex, family relationships.
International Brigade archives UM Microfiche 706 1936-39. Corresp., volunteers fighting fascism, Spanish Civil War.
International population census, Europe UM Microform A560 Census statistics: Europe, 1945-1966.
Israel, national security files UM Microform 6574 1963-69. US diplomats' messages, US amb./Israeli PM, briefings.
Italian books before 1601 UM Microform A95 Books published in Italy or written in Italian, 1465 - 1600.
Italy. U.S. military intelligence reports: Italy UM Microform 7076 1918-41. Evolution of modern Italy, fascism's rise, Europe between wars.
Jackson, Andrew. Papers, microfilm supplement UM Microform 7722 1770-1845. 14,000 documents supplementing the LC microfilm.
Jefferson, Thomas. Papers UM Microform 7723 Corresp., court cases, acct. books, etc. Primarily polit./legal.
Johnson, Lyndon B., . Minutes/docs., cabinet meetings UM Microform 6546  1963-69. 20,000 pp. minutes + memos, briefings, weekly reports.
Journaux de la periode de la Commune UM Microfilm A341 26 Paris newspapers from The Commune,1871 workers' uprising.
Journaux ephemeres de la periode de la revolution UM Microfilm A342 95 titles issued in Paris 1789-1792.
Kennedy, John F., Appointment book UM Microform 6567 1961-63. Complete mtgs. schedule, home/abroad, topics, participants.
Kennedy, John F., President Kennedy & the press UM Microform 6568 JFK admin. public relations. Press conf., news releases, briefings.
Kent State. FBI files on the fire bomb & shooting UM Microform 7042 Articles, interviews, etc. re: shooting 5/4/70 & ROTC fire 5/2/70.
Kester, Howard A., Papers, 1923-1972 UM Microform 2857 White Southerner. Labor, race relations, and economic reformer.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., FBI assassination file UM Microform 7065 44,000+ pp. Search for/conviction of J.E.Ray. Background on MLK.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., FBI file UM Microform 6553 17,000 pp. of surveillance on America's foremost civil rights leader.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., FBI file Pt. II UM Microform 7602 Trans. of conversations with Stanley Levison, a trusted confidant.
Knox, Henry (1750-1806). Papers  UM Microform 312  Secretary of War, Revolutionary War major-general. 1719-1825.
Korean conflict. Historical manuscripts UM Microform 3823 Maps, charts, photographs, after-action interviews.
Korean conflict. Admin. histories, US civilian agencies UM Microform 5893 178 titles, 21 agencies, mobilization & managing the economy.
Lange, Dorothea, Farm Security Administration. Papers UM Microfiche 127 1935-39. 1,300 photos of America's rural poor, Great Depression.
Latin America: national security files 1961-63 UM Microform 8446 JFK Lib. repts., cables, focus on Brazil, Cuba, Dominican R.
Latin America: national security files 1963-1969 UM Microform 8447 LBJ files. Brazil, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Alliance for Progress.
Latin America: OSS/State Dept. intell., research rpts, Pt. 14: UM Microform 6536 1941-61. 369 repts. by scholars, domestic, econ., polit., govt.
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry. Papers UM Microfiche 552 Architect, engineer. Designed homes, public structures, waterways.
Legal treatises. Nineteenth century legal treatises UM Microfiche 881 Category 19 Legal history. 256 American/British legal monographs.
League of Nations documents 1919-1946 UM Microform  D269 Selected titles. Comprehensive document, serial collection.
Lee family papers, 1742-1795 UM Microform 581 Successful merchants who served in Congress & foreign ministers.
Lewis, John L., Papers UM Microform 3663 United Mine Workers president. Includes letters, clippings, photos.
Lexington alarm UM Microform 4196 Handwritten town lists of those responding to April 19, 1775 alarm.
Lincoln, Benjamin, Papers UM Microform 1510 1635-1964. Major-General, Secretary of War, MA governor.
Livingston William, Papers, 1695-1839 UM Microform 932 Militia command, Continental Congress delegate, NJ's 1st governor.
London Trades Council minutes, 1860-1953 UM Microfilm A779 Accounts, reports, workers' evolution into labor movement.
Louisbourg papers: expedition of 1745 UM Microform 738 William Pepperrell commanded siege, Fr. Cape Breton garrison.
Low Countries, Books printed before 1601 UM Microform  A126 Based on British Museum. Department of Printed Books.
Los Angeles riots, 1965. Governor's Commission UM Microform 1018 Depositions, transcripts, reports, interviews.