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Find Data Repositories

Re3data is a site for helping people identify and locate online repositories of research data. (Merged with Databib, and managed by DataCite)

Users and bibliographers create and curate records that describe data repositories that users can search.

Use the Advanced Search with keywords to find related repositories; to find the group in the box to the right, I used

(includes fungus, fungal, fungi)
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Microbiology Data Repositories

Selected microbiology repositories from Databib.  Use for finding, and for some, depositing data. Mouse-over for more info.

Resource for quantitative and predictive food microbiology.

Microbial Protein Interaction Database
MPIDB provides physical microbial interactions.

Provides molecular and biological data on genes proven to affect the outcome of pathogen-host interactions.

Reservoirs of Antibiotic Resistance Network (ROAR)
The ROAR Isolate Database is a searchable collection of commensal and complimentary pathogen isolate datasets. Open only to members.

Data on arthropod vectors of human pathogens. Sequence data, gene expression data, images, population data, and insecticide resistance data for arthropod vectors are available for download.

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Provides data which can be translated for diagnostics, treatments or therapies within the context of global health.


Other related data repositories

DOE Joint Genome Institute
JGI works to advance genomics to support the Department of Energy missions as they relate to energy and environmental characterization and cleanup.

Encyclopedia of Life
EOL gathers, generates, and shares taxa, images, videos, and sounds to freely provide knowledge about life on earth.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GBIF provides free and open access to biodiversity data.

NCBI Genome
The Genome database contains annotations and analysis of eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes.

NCBI Protein Clusters
Entrez platform. Contains annotation information, publications, structures and analysis tools for related protein sequences encoded by complete genomes.


Ocean Biographic Information System
OBIS is the world’s largest open-access, geo-referenced online repository.


UCSC Genome Browser
The UCSC Genome Browser website provides the reference sequence and working draft assemblies for a large collection of genomes.