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Professional Societies & Organizations

Check out how your prospective professions present themselves to the world - sites often have job listings and other information for people in the field. Many have special membership for students.

Other useful links

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Microbe World website has podcasts to which you can subscribe, and a page of good web sources about microbiology.

Two quarterly magazines from the American Society for Microbiology,

  • Cultures explores the intersection of science, policy, and global challenges by bringing diverse voices to a common platform. 
  • Microcosm focuses on ASM's role in the changing world of the microbial sciences. You must become an ASM member to view the magazine.

Small Things Considered - an engaging blog about microbes, and more by Moselio Schachter, on the ASM website.

[no longer maintained - links may not work] The Microbial World - a website from a professor at University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  See in particular the List of Themes (AKA, Other Pages On This Site) for pages about narrower topics including profiles of specific microorganisms and their impacts. is a microbiology information portal with lots of useful links.