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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


These are some of the databases that are most likely to have relevant articles in topics of interest to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 

Databases covering all science subjects: these are large databases that are known to any researcher in the sciences.  They will have a lot of sources on BMB topics, as well as tangentially related articles from nearby disciplines.

Medical-specific databases.  Articles come from all disciplines, including BMB.

Chemistry-specific databases.  Includes biochem, analytical chemistry, green chemistry, and more.

We do have many more databases to explore, which you may want to investigate depending on your specific topic.


Journals are another way to find articles. A journal specific to your discipline or subfield might publish issues where all of the articles are of interest to you.  Some journals have such a great reputation in the sciences that despite covering more areas of science than BMB, they are good to keep an eye on because the most cutting-edge, most impactful research is published there.  Some titles to follow include:

Here are a few top-rated journals that focus on research biochemistry and molecular biology.

Some journals publish only review articles, which are not original research articles.  They summarize and synthesize original research articles on a particular topic, and assist researchers in finding gaps in the research and new directions to explore.

The UMass Amherst Libraries have many more original research and review journals, both in biochemistry and molecular biology specifically, and in science research more broadly.  Please search or browse the complete list here:

Article Alerts

If you are researching for a large paper such as your thesis or dissertation, or for an ongoing research project, you will want to repeat your searches regularly so as not to miss any new articles.  An alternative to regularly repeating your searches is to set up alerts in a database or journal to automatically email you a notification when an article of interest becomes available.  There area few different types:

Saved Search - you have run a search in a database and have your results list of articles.  Most databases have the option to create a Saved Search alert to notify you when new articles fit your search parameters.  See the guide below for more detail on setting up this type of alert in Web of Science and PubMed

Journal Alert - Many databases also allow you to set up an alert for new content from a specific publication.  See the guide for Web of Science specifics.

Citation Alerts - Pick an article (yours, your adviser's, etc.) and create an alert anytime a new article lists the selected article as a citation.  See the guide for how to set this up in Web of Science, but Google Scholar can also do this.

Journal Alerts - Most journals will notify you when a new articles are posted if you create an individual account with them.  It's another way to keep an eye on a journal of interest if you'd rather not create an individual account through Web of Science.  See the guide for examples and links.