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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Biological Resources

Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
The mission of the ABRC is to acquire, preserve and distribute seed and DNA resources that are useful to the Arabidopsis research community.

TAIR - The Arabidopsis Information Resource
A database of genetic and molecular biology data for the model higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana . Data available from TAIR includes the complete genome sequence along with gene structure, gene product information, gene expression, DNA and seed stocks, genome maps, genetic and physical markers, publications, and information about the Arabidopsis research community.

Maize Genetic Cooperation Stock Center
This center serves the maize research community by collecting, maintaining and distributing seeds of maize genetic stocks. It also provides information about its stocks and the mutations they carry through the Maize Genetics and Genomics Database

Genetic Stock - Oryza Collection (GSOR)
The Genetic Stocks - Oryza (GSOR) Collection was established at the Dale Bumpers National Rice ResearchCenter at Stuttgart, Arkansas, in August, 2003 to establish model genetic stocks for rice.


From the National Center for Biotechnology Information

From the NCBI website: "Established in 1988 as a national resource for molecular biology information, NCBI creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information..."

Entrez Nucleotide
A collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, RefSeq, and PDB.

Protein sequences
Compiled from a variety of sources, including SwissProt, PIR, PRF, PDB, and translations from annotated coding regions in GenBank and RefSeq.

Genome database
Provides views for a variety of genomes, complete chromosomes, sequence maps with contigs, and integrated genetic and physical maps.

Molecular Modeling Database (MMDB)
Contains over 40,000 3D macromolecular structures, including proteins and polynucleotides. It's linked to the rest of the NCBI databases, including sequences, bibliographic citations, taxonomic classifications, and sequence and structure neighbors.


DNA Resources

BAC libraries, cDNA libraries at the University of Arizona Genomics Institute

BAC libraries, cDNA libraries at the Clemson University Genomics Institute


MaizePLEX — University of Arizona and the Institute for Genomic Research

Rice Oligonucleotide Arrays — The Insititute for Genomic Research

Potato Nucleotide Arrays — The Institute for Genomic Research

World of Biochemistry

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