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Researching the Early History of Black Lives in the Connecticut River Valley


Two tabs in this guide contain bibliographies. Here, in "Getting Started," you will find books and articles specifically on the Massachusetts sections of the Connecticut Valley; another tab, "Further Reading," contains citations to literature about African American history across the state and region.  Also, under many of the tabs to the left are short lists of "Recommended Readings" related to that specific topic area.

Researchers interested in understanding African American History in the three counties (Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin) that today comprise the local, Massachusetts section of the Connecticut River Valley will likely find it helpful to begin by reading in the existing literature--both historical and genealogical--in this area.  Though much work remains to be done, a growing body of scholarship already recovers and interprets narratives specific to this area.  Below you will find two bibliographies: 1) a brief set of "how-to" articles available online, and 2) a bibliography of scholarship specifically on African American history here in the Massachusetts section of the Connecticut Valley.

Bibliography on How To Research Histories of Enslavement and Black Lives in 17th-19th Century New England

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Bibliography of Scholarship on Local African American History

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