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Researching the Early History of Black Lives in the Connecticut River Valley


Two tabs in this guide contain bibliographies. Here, in "Further Reading," you will find citations to literature about African American history across the state and region (another tab, "Getting Started," gathers books and articles specifically on the Massachusetts sections of the Connecticut Valley).  Also, under many of the tabs to the left are short lists of "Recommended Readings" related to that specific topic area.

There is a very large historical literature on African American History in the decades covered by this project.  In the bibliography below we have gathered a selected set of references to good points of entry into the scholarship on Massachusetts and New England.  For a much more comprehensive bibliography, please see the bibliography created by, posted here.

Also note that there are a growing number of data recovery projects unfolding around the region that are gathering valuable content related to this project.  These include the Atlantic Black Box project, and the Congregational Library & Archive's initiative New England's Hidden Histories: Colonial-Era Church Records.  In Rhode Island, see the Little Compton Historic People of Color database.  These website often include supporting materials that will be of interest to anyone researching the history of Black lives in New England.


Below is a selected biography of historical scholarship on African American History in Massachusetts, New England, and the United States.  Many additional titles not included below are listed in the Recommended Readings under the tabs to the left.

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