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Microform Collections at the UMass Amherst Libraries

Microform Collections Orientation - UMass Amherst Libraries

The Microform Guide lists 400 historical collections held by the UMass Amherst Libraries. Collections are arranged A to Z by title-keyword. Each entry contains the collection name, description and microform number. Click the  to view the Library Catalog record.  For assistance, contact Research Services at, 413.545.0150.

Scene from the new UMass Microforms Viewing Room

Step-by-Step Guide to Microform Retrieval: Identify - Request - Retrieve - View

Microforms are held in a non-public area of the library. Library users must fill out an Online Request Form to access the collection. Requests are picked up at the Circulation Desk and then viewed in the new Microforms Viewing Room, Room 49, Learning Commons, Du Bois Library.

  Identify Collection: Browse this guide A to Z by title-keyword, or use the guide search box above, or search in the Library Catalog.
  Complete Request Form: Online Request Form - include name, email address, microform title and UM Microform number. Confirmation is sent by email.
  Retrieve Microform: Retrieve microforms at the Circulation Desk (545.2623), on the west side of the Learning Commons, Du Bois Library.
  View Microform: Microforms Viewing Room, Room 49, Learning Commons, For help, go to Learning Commons Desk (413.577.1272).