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Service Learning 393: Advanced Community Service Learning - Student Bridges

A guide to library and online research

Student Bridges

Use Care When Relying on Web Sites

Remember to evaluate

web pages for accuracy, authority, currency and coverage before using information you find there unless the web page is recommended by your professor, a librarian or other individual you know and trust. Below are links to web sites that will help you do this quickly and effectively.

Using RefWorks


Use a citation manager, such as RefWorks, EasyBib or Zotero to keep track of your research.


Put all your references in RefWorks, create quick and easy bibliographies, build your knowledgebase.

1. Set up your account by clicking on the RefWorks link on the library homepage. From the RefWorks info page, "New to RefWorks? - Sign up for an Individual Account." Note: You get to choose your own username and password - make them easy to remember!

2. Get your book citations into RefWorks

Books from UMA WorldCat

  1. Go to
  2. Conduct a search and go to an individual item listing.
  3. Click “Cite/Export.” Select "Export to RefWorks" in the pop-up box.
  4. Log into RefWorks.

Books from the Five College Catalog

  1. Conduct a search and go to an individual item listing.
  2. Click "E-Mail/Save" link near the top of the screen.
  3. Under Choose predefined format, select "RefWorks Format." Click "Go."
  4. Click "RefWorks."
  5. Log into RefWorks.

    3. Get your journal article citations into RefWorks
    Most databases have a way to export citations into RefWorks directly.

    4. Create an Annotated Bibliography with RefWorks.
    It's pretty easy! Follow these instructions to get your annotations in the right place.

    5. Share your research with RefShare
    You can create a webpage out of any Refworks folder that can be shared with anyone! To access RefShare, log into RefWorks and click on Folders => Share Folders. Here's a RefShare list on Participatory Action Research, created by Isabel Espinal.

    If you need more help or info on RefWorks, check out the FAQs.

    Participatory Action Library Research ~ What do YOU think?

    In the spirit of Participatory Action Research, please answer this question and share your thoughts:

    What do you think is important to know about library and online research?

    Use the comments link below to answer. 


    Databases for Research

    Tip for databases

    After you've run a search, use the button to retrieve articles or to be taken directly to the Interlibrary Loan request page, so you can order the article if UMass does not have it.

    We order for you - for free!

    Use your Interlibrary Loan account to:

    • Borrow books, videos, and other materials not available in the Five College system.
    • Request electronic copies of articles and book chapters not available at UMass.
    • In databases, and in your Refworks account, use the button to  taken directly to Interlibrary Loan, so you can order articles if UMass does not have them.


    TIP: When you look for a particular book on the shelf, make sure to browse the shelf and nearby shelves for related books. Take your time! Open the books!



    Introducing UMA WorldCat - a new discovery tool that helps you find a wide range of materials using a single search. Books, journals, articles, videos and more can be located using UMA WorldCat.


    To find books at UMass, you have two options.

       1. Start with the general search box on the library home page,  


     * This catalog gives you access to libraries and collections throughout North America and beyond! It starts with UMass but does not limit you to our catalog.

    * Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

       2. Or, use the Five Colleges Library Catalog.


     * This catalog lets you search in some very specifc ways, for example, by Call number or Library of Congress Subject Heading.

    Citations can be exported directly to RefWorks.

    Tips: Be as specific as possible in your searching. Start with a subject search (use keyword if subject yields no results). Search by author, title, subject, keyword, call number, journal title, etc. For materials on a specific subject, enter your term(s) into the Subject or Keyword search boxes.  If UMass doesn't have the book(s) you need, try the other Four Colleges.


    For online books, try:

     Scholarly and popular books online in full text, from 1990 to present.

    Learn about journals and journal artices!

    What articles are prominent in my field?
    2-minute video on using "Web of Science" to find highly-cited articles.

    What's a peer-reviewed journal?
    Many of our journals are peer-reviewed. If you don't know what that means or why it matters, watch this video.

    Inequality, Access & College: Article Feed

    Recent articles and reports in the database ERIC.
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    Online Books!

    Access this e-book and many others in ebrary, one of the Library's e-book collections.

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