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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

NUTRITN 572 Community Nutrition

Resources to support the nutrition education projects

Intro to Websites

Trusted websites can provide valuable information about an issue, community organizations and resources, and demographics. Many of these types of information may not be found in academic journal articles.

I've tried to group the sites into some broad topics/themes.

Demographic Information

Some state and local websites might have some demographic data, but these national-level sites let you get data from various levels - country, state, county, town/city, and sometimes zip code.

Local Information

Try to get information that most directly relates to your specific community. Search local, state, and community sites. Try doing an internet search for the name of your community organization - many will have a web presence of some type that will provide information about their history, mission, goals, and who they serve.

These are just a few examples of organization and community-specific sites.

Societies and Organizations

Many wide-reaching health topics related to nutrition (e.g., obesity, diabetes, etc.) will have several societies and organizations devoted solely to advocating and researching that particular topic and may be beneficial in providing you with the issues, differing options/sides, educational materials, and current information on the topic.

Additional Websites

Here are some additional trusted websites that might have helpful nutrition information.