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The University of Massachusetts Amherst

First-Year and Transfer Student Guide

An overview of the UMass Amherst Library System

Free Online Research Tools

The Information Literary User's Guide: An Open, Online Textbook

This can be a helpful guide if you feel lost conducting research or if you need a refresher.

Free Online Citing Tools

What is citing?  And why do we do it?

When conducting research it is important to give credit to the sources in which you are getting your ideas.  So as you write research papers it is important to give credit to the appropriate person(s), so this is why we cite.  Below are some resources you may find helpful as you prepare your work cited pages.

For a guide on different citation managers, see the libraries guide here

Purdue University has an amazing website called OWL (the Purdue Online Writing Lab) that can be helpful.  It is broken down by the different citing styles.  Not sure what style to use?  Check with your syllabus or professor!