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Citation Managers at UMass

What is a citation manager?

What is a citation manager?

Citation management software acts as a repository where you can create and store references (citations) exported from electronic databases, library catalog, websites, or created by you.  You can then use the software to create bibliographies or works cited lists formatted in MLA, APA, Chicago, or many other styles.  You can add abstracts, subjects, and notes to the imported references.  

What can I do with a citation manager?

  Create bibliographies and references automatically
  Check for and remove duplicate citations
  Add your own annotations, subjects, and descriptions to your citations
  Re-use your research over time
  Embed footnotes, end notes, and in-text citations
 in a document

What can't it do?

  Correct errors present in the original database records
  Create a perfect bibliography or Works Cited list, you must still check them for accuracy
  Create legal citation formats
  Can not import citations from a text file, Word File, or sheet of paper automatically

Help for ProQuest RefWorks, Legacy RefWorks, migrating to the new RefWorks, and Zotero are located on the tabs to the left

UMass Libraries provide support for:

Cloud Based Computer (client) based  
Unlimited citation capacity 300 Mb free, modest cost for more storage   
Formats bibliographies and citations with add-on program Formats bibliographies and citations
Excellent customer support Open Source
Extensive citation styles Extensive add-on research tools
Compatible with Word and Google Docs Compatible with Word and Office Libre
Compatible with most web browsers Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
Compatible with all operating systems Compatible with Windows, Mac, and LInux
Login to New RefWorks   Login to Legacy RefWorks Download Zotero
RefWorks Help                   RefWorks Video Tutorials Zotero Help