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UMass Amherst Libraries

Newspaper Collection: Foreign Newspapers by Country & City

Newspapers: France (Paris) - Korea

Country & City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Paris Revolutions de Paris 07/12/1789-02/28/1794 UM Microfilm 4376
  Le Salut Public [1871] UM Microfilm A341 Reel 4
  Saout el Amal [1935] UM Microfilm A1174
  La Social [1871] UM Microfilm A341 Reel 1
  The Stars and Stripes (1944) 09/1944-12/1944, 04/1945-09/1945 Online: CRL
  The Stars and Stripes (1918) 1918-1919 Online: American Memory LC
    1918-1919 Online: Ancestry Library
  The Stars and Stripes (Western Europe edition) 10/27/1945-01/13/1946 Online: CRL
  Sudan Tribune 07/06/2008- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2008- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  Le Temps 04/1861-11/1942 UM Microfilm A174
  Le Torchon Brule 2 undated issues UM Microfilm 2337 Reel 4
  Le Tribune du Peuple [1871] UM Microfilm A341 Reel 4
  La Vengeur [1871] UM Microfilm A341 Reel 2
  La Verite [1871] UM Microfilm A341 Reel 3
  La Voix des Negres: Organe Mensuel du Comite... 01/1927-03/1927 UM Microfilm A1174
  Zero-0 [1974-1976] UM Microfilm A265
Toulouse Le Temps Deborde 1983 undated issue UM Microfilm A265
  Humus [1980-1982] UM Microfilm A265
Berlin Bar Fax [1981-1982] UM Microfilm A265
  Berliner Tageblatt 12/01/1899-1919 UM Microfilm A847
    03/24/1920-01/1939 UM Microfilm A847
  Forward [1973-1976] UM Microfilm A265
  Freiheit 1918-1922 UM Microfilm A675
  Neues Deutschland/Zentralorgan der Sozialist... 04/1946-1990 UM Microfilm A413
Dortmund Elan [1974] UM Microfilm A265
Essen Zero 1975 undated issue UM Microfilm A265
Frankfurt am Main Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung fur Deutschland 1953-1993, 1994-01/2013, 03/2014- UM Microfilm A330
  Frankfurter Zeitung und Handelsblatt 1914-1938 UM Microfilm A673
  Die Tageszeitung 01/24/1980-01/28/1980 UM Microfilm A265
    09/22/1978-12/22/1979 Online: CRL
Karlsruhe Kompost [1975-1976, 1979] UM Microfilm A265
Munich Der Metzger [1972-1974] UM Microfilm A265
  Munchner Neueste Nachrichten und Handels... 01/1918-01/1924 UM Microfilm A30
Nurnberg Pang [1974, 1976] UM Microfilm A265
West Berlin Where It's At: a Newspaper of Common Sense and... [1968-1969] UM Microfilm A265
Accra Ghanian Times 1962-1996 UM Microfilm A49
    01/1964-04/1964 Online: CRL
    2006- Online: Humanities Intl. Complete
  Gold Coast Chronicle 06/13/1894-12/06/1901 Online: African Newspapers
  Gold Coast Independent 06/08/1918-12/30/1922 Online: African Newspapers
Cape Coast Gold Coast Aborigines 1898-06/28/1902 Online: African Newspapers
  Gold Coast Leader 06/28/1902-12/30/1922 Online: African Newspapers
  Gold Coast Nation 03/28/1912-12/11/1920 Online: African Newspapers
  Gold Coast Times 03/28/1874-02/12/1885 Online: African Newspapers
Kumasi Ashanti Pioneer 1939-1962 UM Microfilm A50
Athens Anoichte Pole [1979, 1981] UM Microfilm A265
Guatemala City Guatemalteco 02/18/1873-12/30/1922 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Siag-Press [1983] UM Microfilm A265
Bolama Voz Da Guine 04/06/1922-09/02/1922 Online: African Newspapers
New Bedford No Pintcha 1976-1989 UM Microfilm A1055
Georgetown The Daily Chronicle 11/05/1881-12/29/1897 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Port-au-Prince Le Petit Samedi Soir 1972-1980 UM Microfilm A846
Allahabad Pioneer Mail and Indian Weekly News 1911-1931 UM Microfilm A120
Bombay Hi [1972-1975] UM Microfilm A265
Calcutta Calcutta Chronicle and General Advertiser 01/03/1788-02/11/1790 Online: Burney Collection
  India Gazette 02/15/1790-08/16/1790 Online: Burney Collection
Delhi The Statesman 1965-1977 UM Microfilm A657
Lucknow The Pioneer 1933-1948 UM Microfilm A121
Madras Madras Courier 01/25/1786 Online: Burney Collection
New Delhi Women's Feature Service 2002- Online: GenderWatch
Djakarta Bintang Timur 09/1958-1964 UM Microfilm A103
  Duta Masjarakat 1956-[1957], 1959-1964 UM Microfilm A131
  Edisi Minggu Merdeka 07/16/1961-1964 UM Microfilm A130
  Harian Rakjat 09/1952-1964 UM Microfilm A105
  Merdeka 1945-1964 UM Microfilm A129
  Minggu Merdeka 07/17/1955-07/09/1961 UM Microfilm A130
  Suluh Indonesia 12/24/1953-1964 UM Microfilm A104
  Tempo 09/17/2000-07/25/2005 Online: ProQuest Asian Business
Djakarta-Kota Pantjawarta 01/1960-10/1960 UM Microfilm A128
  Sin Po 1954-01/1960 UM Microfilm A128
  Wartabhakti 12/1960-1964 UM Microfilm A128
Djogjakarta Nasional (Djogjakarta) 1957-1964 UM Microfilm A102
Tehran Iran Daily 11/19/2012- Online: Middle East Newsstand
  Iran News 11/18/2012- Online: Middle East Newsstand
  Moj News Agency 06/10/2008- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2008- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
Baghdad National Iraqi News Agency 02/22/2011- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2009- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
Erbil Kurdish Globe 03/01/2008- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2008- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
Belfast Belfast Telegraph 1976-1989 UM Microfilm A926
  Labour's Advocate and Northern Weekly Advertiser 04/03/1847-05/22/1847 Online: NCCO
  Northern Star 05/22/1793 Online: Burney Collection
Dublin The Christian Social Economist 11/22/1851-12/27/1851 Online: NCCO
  Dawn [1981-1984] UM Microfilm A265
  Dawn Train Spring 1982 UM Microfilm A265
  Dublin Gazette 08/24/1708-12/28/1797 Online: Burney Collection
  Dublin Journal 03/27/1725-02/26/1726 Online: Burney Collection
  Dublin Mercury (1722) 03/07/1723-04/20/1724 Online: Burney Collection
  Dublin Mercury (1766) 01/08/1723-09/01/1770 Online: Burney Collection
  George Faulkner the Dublin Journal 03/23/1745-12/26/1747 Online: Burney Collection
  Harding's Weekly Impartial News Letter 03/1721-01/1722, 01/1723-07/1723 Online: CRL
    11/1723-12/1723, 02/1724-04/1724 Online: CRL
    06/1724 Online: CRL
  Hibernian Journal or Chronicle of Liberty 02/24/1790 Online: Burney Collection
  Hoey's Dublin Mercury 09/04/1770-12/28/1771 Online: Burney Collection
  The Irish Statesman 1919-1920 UM Microfilm A1154
    1923-06/1929 UM Microfilm A1155
  Public Register or The Freeman's Journal 04/07/1764-04/20/1784 Online: Burney Collection
  Sinn Fein 05/12/1906-12/25/1907 UM Microfilm A1030
    1910-12/27/1913 UM Microfilm A1030
    01/11/1914-11/28/1914 UM Microfilm A1030
    08/07/1923-06/13/1925 UM Microfilm A1030
    05/1906-11/1914 Online: CRL
    08/23/1908-01/21/1910 Online: CRL
    08/1923-06/13/1925 Online: CRL
  The United Irishman 03/04/1899-04/14/1906 UM Microfilm A952
    03/04/1899-1900 Online: CRL
  The United Irishman [1970, 1972] UM Microfilm A265
Limerick Limerick Chronicle 11/23/1775 Online: Burney Collection
Jerusalem Jerusalem Post 10/21/1988- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2000- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
Tel Aviv New Outlook: Middle East Monthly [1985] UM Microfilm A265
    1966-1993 Five College Depository
Florence Ca bala' [1971-1978] UM Microfilm A265
Milan Corriere Della Sera 1919-1926,  [1938]-1985  UM Microfilm A318
  Katu [1975] UM Microfilm A265
  Renudo [1973-1977, 1980] UM Microfilm A265
  Vogliamo Tutto [1976] UM Microfilm A265
Naples Gazzetta di Napoli Foglio Straorinario 10/19/1770 Online: Burney Collection
Rome Numero Uno Rockstar [1981-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Stampa Alternativa [1975] UM Microfilm A265
Turin La Stampa 1962-[1985-1986]-1993 UM Microfilm A670
Kingston Weekly Jamaica Courant 07/30/1718-09/12/1722 Online: Burney Collection
Kobe Libero International [1975-1976, 1980] UM Microfilm A265
Osaka Asian Textile Business 1999- Online: ProQuest Asian Business
  Asian Textile Weekly 07/02/1999-03/28/2003 Online: ProQuest Asian Business
  Namazu 1980 undated issue UM Microfilm A265
Tokyo Akahata Shukusatsuban 1967-1974 UM East Asian AP 95 J2 A4 Per
  Ampo: Japan-Asia Quarterly [1975-1977] UM Microfilm A265
  Daily Summary of Japanese Press 05/08/1952-01/03/1977 UM Microfilm A1344
  Daily Yomiuri 1989- Online: Yomiuri Newspaper Database
  The Japan Times 07/1956-12/1965 UM Microfilm A1342
  Japan Times Advertiser (Evening edition) 10/05/1942-12/31/1942 UM Microfilm A140
  Japan Times Advertiser (Morning edition) 10/05/1942-12/31/1942 UM Microfilm A140
  Japan Times and Advertiser (Evening edition) 12/1941-10/04/1942 UM Microfilm A140
  The Japan Times & Advertiser 12/1941-10/04/1942 UM Microfilm A140
  Mushiro-bata = The Strawmat Banner 12/1983 UM Microfilm A265
  Nippon Times 07/1945-06/1956 UM Microfilm A140
  Nippon Times (Evening edition) 1943-03/04/1944 UM Microfilm A140
  Yomidas Rekishikan 1874- Online: Yomiuri Newspaper Database
Amman Jordan Times 08/31/2009- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2003- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  The Star 09/11/2003-08/15/2011 Online: Middle East Newsstand
Mombasa East African Standard, Mombasa Times & Uganda... 01/15/1903-10/30/1915 Online: African Newspapers
Nairobi  Advertiser of East Africa 11/22/1907-11/26/1909 Online: African Newspapers
   East African Chronicle 08/07/1920-1921  Online: African Newspapers
   The East African Standard 1962-03/30/1963   Online: CRL
     2003-  Online: Westlaw Campus Research
   Indian Voice of British East Africa  02/08/1911-12/17/1913 Online: African Newspapers 
  IRIN Middle East Service 03/21/2011-03/26/2015 Online: Middle East Newsstand
  Times of East Africa 12/02/1905-06/15/1907 Online: African Newspapers
Seoul   Dong-A Ilbo  1920-1999  Online: Naver News Library
  The Hankyoreh 1988-1999 Online: Naver News Library
  Kyunghyang Shinmun 1946-1999 Online: Naver News Library
   Maeil Business Newspaper  1966-1999 Online: Naver News Library
  Tongnip Sinmun 1896/1897-1898/1899 UM East Asian AN 95 K6 T66



Newspapers: Kuwait - Mexico

Country & City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
 Safat Kuwait Times 04/26/2012-  Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2002- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
Bishkek The Times of Central Asia 05/12/2010- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2012- Westlaw Campus Research
Beirut Al-Akhbar 11/19/2012-03/06/2015 Online: Middle East Newsstand
  The Daily Star 11/27/2007- Online: Middle East Newsstand
  Dar Al-Hayat 11/13/2007-11/24/2013 Online: Middle East Newsstand
  Middle East Reporter 03/21/2011-05/21/2012 Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2010- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
  National News Agency Bulletin 09/27/2009- Onlilne: Middle East Newsstand
  L'Orient-Le Jour 03/20/2011- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2011- Online: Westlaw Campus Research 02/26/2011- Online: Middle East Newsstand
Moria Leselinyana La Lesutho 11/03/1863-12/29/1922 Online: African Newspapers
Monrovia Liberia Recorder 05/03/1902-06/12/1906 Online: African Newspapers
  Observer 09/26/1878-04/12/1883 Online: African Newspapers
Tripoli Tripoli Post 06/07/2008- Online: Middle East Newsstand
    2008- Online: Westlaw Campus Research
Antananarivo Madagascar Times 04/22/1882-12/30/1885 Online: African Newspapers
Tamatave Cloche 03/19/1882-12/15/1892 Online: African Newspapers
  L'Opinion Publique 01/18/1891-07/10/1892 Online: African Newspapers
Blantyre Nyasaland Times 07/22/1899-12/29/1922 Online: African Newspapers
Jesselton North Borneo News and Sabah Times 1958-1963 UM Microfilm A115
  Sabah Times 08/31/1963-1964 UM Microfilm A115
Kuala Lumpur MIERScan 06/28/2004-07/11/2005 Online: ProQuest Asian Business
Kuching The Sarawak Tribune 1958-1964 UM Microfilm A112
Penang Asian-Pacific Environment [1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Suara Sam: Newsletter of Sahabat Alam Malay... [1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Boletin de Noticias del Ejercito Regenerador 01/12/1858-01/16/1858 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 53.3
    01/18/1858-01/19/1858 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 53.3
  Boletin del Ministerio de Fomento de la Republic 07/1877-09/1881 UM Microfilm A1280Reel 53.4-Reel 54
  El Clamor Publico: Periodico Independiente 05/26/1884 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.3
  Los Clamores de los Pueblos por su Ley y Liber. 12/16/1829 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.4
  El Contra-Mosquito: O Critico Tonto 03/25/1834-03/31/1834 UM Microfilm A1280 reel 60.14
  El Comercio en los Teatros 07/06/1878, 11/23/1878 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.10
    05/31/1879-06/14/1879, 06/28/1879 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.10
  El Diario Republicano 05/24/1911-05/28/1911, 05/30/1911 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 219.3
    06/02/1911-06/03/1911 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 219.3
  La Mosca Parlera: Pequeno Per. Politico y Literar. 06/05/1823-07/30/1823 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 136.5
  Siglo Diez y Nueve 10/1841-06/1896 UM Microfilm A325
Acayucan La Estrella del Istmo: Periodico Independiente [1887] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.12
Alamos La Voz de Alamos 03/30/1881-08/11/1881 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 24.1
Campeche La Esperanza: Semanario de Variedades 11/14/1880-11/21/1880 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 1.2
  El Investigador 02/02/1828-06/22/1833 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 1.3
  El Pelicano: Per. Polit. y Mercantil de Campeche 12/11/1828-12/25/1828 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 1.4
Chiapas El Anteojo del Pacifico: Per. Independiente y Prog 07/27/1871 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.6
  El Baluarte de la Libertad 07/05/1867-11/17/1870 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 1.5
  El Crepusculo: Per. Dedicado a Defender los... [1875-1876] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.3
Chihuahua The Anglo Saxon: an American Journal 03/19/1847-04/03/1847 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.1
  Clarin 05/05/1912 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Noticias de Tierra-Fuera [1852-1855] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.2
  Sufragio Efectivo: Per. de Propaganda Politica 08/06/1911 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Colima La Voluntad del Pueblo: Semanario Politico e Ind. 08/20/1880 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.9
  La Voz del Pacifico 07/24/1880-11/27/1880 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.10
Cuernavaca Techno-Politica [1983] UM Microfilm A265
Cuidad del Carmen La Peerla del Golfo: Per. Oficial del Partido del... 10/20/1878-05/06/1883 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.1
  Semanario Oficial del Partido del Carmen [1883] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.2
Cuidad Victoria (Tamaulipas) La Oliva 08/12/1841 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 25.1
  El Telegrafo de Tamaulipas 04/1832 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 25.2
  El Tribuno del Pueblo 03/07/1845-06/07/1845, 11/01/1845 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 25.3
Durango Boletin Estraordinario! 11/10/1865-12/07/1865 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.1
  El Democratico Federal 09/03/1827-03/27/1828 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.7
  El Domingo: Semanario Catolico Dedicado a la... 01/16/1887-04/30/1899 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.11
  Imperio de la Ley 04/12/1831-07/19/1832 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.12
  El Observador Durangueno 11/15/1840-03/28/1841 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.13
  El Pigmeo: Periodico Politico y de Variedades 12/03/1840-08/30/1841 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.14
Guadalajara Juan Panadero: Per. Bisemanal, Polit., Burlon... 08/14/1864, 09/28/1864, 10/02/1864 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.8
  La Opinion 06/29/1832 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.9
Guadalupe Victoria Aristarco 02/05/1834 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.15
Guaymas El Golfo de Cortes 01/21/1874 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.17
  La Linea Recta 05/08/1894-03/26/1895 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 24.2
  El Trafico 10/04/1899-12/21/1899 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 24.3
Matamoros El Aguila del Norte [1846] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 25.5
  La Aguila Mexicana 01/21/1846 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 25.6
  The American Flag 07/04/1846-07/29/1848 UM Microfilm A1280 Reels 25.7, 26.1
  El Ancia Per. Semanario del Puerto de Matamor. 09/29/1837-08/30/1841 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 26.2
  El Argos de Matamoros 04/04/1833, 07/14/1833 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 26.3
  La Bandera Mexicana 01/19/1850, [02/1850] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.3
  La Bandera Nacional: Per., Polit., Lit. y Comercial 05/14/1864-08/06/1864 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 26.4
  La Brisa: Semanario del Puerto de Matamoros 08/30/1839-11/22/1839 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.2
  El Chiste: Impreso con Honores de Periodico 11/27/1855 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.3
  El Cronista: Trisemanal Independiente 01/09/1895 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.4
  Daily Morning Call 12/09/1864 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.5
  The Daily Ranchero 10/12/1865-11/18/1865 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.6
  La Diana de Matamoros 06/24/1846, 06/27/1846 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.7
  Eco del Norte de Tamaulipas 03/03/1845-01/07/1846 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.8
  El Justo Medio 01/26/1844-06/07/1844 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 27.9
  El Latigo de Tejas 10/09/1843-12/30/1844 UM Microfilm A1280 Reels 27.10, 28.1
  El Libertador: Periodico Politico y Literario 11/17/1855 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 28.2
  Matamoros Reveille 07/15/1846 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 28.3
  Mercurio del Puerto de Matamoros 05/15/1835-12/29/1837 UM MicrofilmA1280Reels 28.4, 270.18
  El Procurador del Pueblo 02/16/1832-08/18/1832 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 28.5
  El Ranchero: Per. como Todos los de su Jaez 02/25/1857 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 28.6
  Republic of Rio Grande, and Friend of the People [06/1846] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.1
  Republica de Rio Grande y Amiga de los Pueblos [06/1846, 07/1846] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.2
Merida Revista de Yucatan 06/22/1913-12/30/1922 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Mexico City 1824 03/29/1837-04/19/1837 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 44.1
  La Abeja [10/1844-11/1844] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 44.3
  La Aguila Mexicana 1823-1828 UM Microfilm A227
  La Aguila Mexicana: Per. Cuotidiano Polit. y Lit. 04/14/1823-12/01/1828 UM Microfilm A1280, Reels 44.4, 49.1
  Altercom: Unidad de Documentacion [1982-1985] UM Microfilm A265
  Ambito  10/15/1983 UM Microfilm A265
  The American Star 09/23/1847-10/10/1847 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 49.2
  El Amigo de la Patria: Obra Periodica 11/06/1812-04/30/1813 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 49.3
  El Amigo del Pueblo 06/24/1845-12/23/1845 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 50.1
  El Amigo del Pueblo: Per. Semanario Lit., Cient.... 08/01/1827-09/03/1828 UM Microfilm A1280 Reels 50.2-51
  Los Amigos del Pueblo [1832] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.1
  La Antorcha [1975] UM Microfilm A265
  El Argos: Periodico Politico, Cientifico y Literario 09/26/1820 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.2
  El Atleta [1830] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.3
  Bandera Negra 03/28/1878 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.4
  Barba Azul: Periodico Independiente y Chancista 02/13/1873 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.5
  El Basilisco 06/19/1834-07/10/1834 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.6
  Bohemia 1968 UM Microfilm A265
  Boletin de la Ciudadela 09/03/1841-10/06/1841 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.7
  Boletin de la Guerra 12/01/1838 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.8
  Boletin de Noticias [1841] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.9
  Boletin de Noticias (1844) 12/19/1844-04/11/1845 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 52.10
  Boletin de Noticias (1847) 04/24/1847-05/15/1847 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 53.1
  Boletin de Noticias (1860) 12/25/1860-03/02/1861 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 53.2
  La Bruja: Periodico que Trata de Todo 08/21/1841-04/23/1842 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 57.1
  El Buen Sentido 01/29/1842-05/05/1842 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 57.2
  El Calavera 04/23/1847 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 57.3
  La Carta Fundamental [1880] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 57.4
  La Casera 06/1879-10/1880 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 57.5
  El Catolico 08/01/1845-05/01/1847 UM Microfilm A1280 Reels 57.6, & 59.1
  El Centinela 12/20/1823-04/28/1824 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 59.2
  El Centinela Espanol: Per. Politico y Literario [1881] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 59.3
  La Chinaca: Per. Escrito Unica y Exclusiv. Para... 04/16/1862-05/08/1863 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.1
  El Cinco de Mayo 05/05/1879 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.2
  La Colonia Espanola: Diario Independiente 01/09/1879 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.5
  La Columna de la Constitucion Federal de la R... 04/24/1833 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.6
  El Combate: Per. de Politica, Variedades y Anun. [07/20/1876-09/26/1880] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.7
  El Combate: Periodico Politico Liberal 05/29/1887-04/02/1893 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.8
  El Comercio del Golfo 10/18/1880-03/24/1881 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.9
  La Constitucion: Periodico Politico y Literario [1880] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.11
  El Constitucional 01/16/1844-03/29/1844 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.12
  El Constitucional: Per. Polit. y Lit., de Artes, Indus. 12/12/1862-05/22/1875 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.13
  El Correo 11/30/1885, 01/11/1886 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 60.15
  El Cosmopolita 12/1835-07/1843 UM Microfilm A226
  Dia Diario de la Manana 05/15/1914-05/19/1914 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Diario 02/03/1907-04/20/1914 Online: Latin American Newspapers
    04/1914 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 212.1
  El Diario de la Guerra [04/1914-05/1914] UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 212.2
    04/23/1914-05/08/1914 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Diario de Mexico 10/01/1805-12/31/1816 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Diario del Hogar 03/01/1882-03/11/1917 UM Microfilm A1281 Reels 212.3-219.1
    03/01/1882-05/24/1885 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Diario Espanol 07/10/1912 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.2
  Diogenes 12/27/1918-01/10/1919 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.4
  La Discusion: Diario Libre de la Manana 06/05/1916, 06/27/1916 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.5
  La Discusion: Periodico Politico [05/1917-06/1917] UM Microfilm A1281 reel 219.6
  El Domingo: Semanario Anunciador 07/19/1908 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.7
  Don Quijote: Semanario Satirico Independiente [1911] UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.8
  Don Trini: Semanario Clerical Politico [04/1912-05/1912] UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.9
  El Duende: Periodico Humoristico y de Combate 06/30/1907-07/14/1907 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.11
  L'Echo Francais: Journal Bi-hebdomadaire Polit. 10/16/1902-12/28/1902 UM Microfilm A1281 Reel 219.12
  Enfoprensa [1983] UM Microfilm A265
  Excelsior [1918-1996] UM Microfilm A93
    03/18/1917-1922 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Gaceta del Gobierno Imperial de Mexico 10/02/1821-1822 UM Microfilm A280
  El Imparcial 01/06/1897-08/17/1914 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  La Lima de Vulcano 1833-1837 UM Microfilm A278
  Mexican Herald 09/02/1895-10/29/1915 Online: Latin American Newspapers

Newspapers: Mexico

Country & City Newspaper Name Holdings Location
Mexico City El Monitor del Pueblo: Diario Independiente 08/10/1887-05/19/1889 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 108.1
  El Monitor Republicano 10/08/1862-10/03/1895 UM MicrofilmA1280 Reels 108.2-136.1
    01/31/1845-10/03/1895 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Monitorcito: Periodico Liberal 08/1892 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 136.2
  El Mono [1833] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 136.3
  La Moralidad [1885, 1888] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 136.4
  Mosca Parlera 06/05/1823-07/30/1823 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  La Mosquita [1879] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 136.6
  El Mosquito Mexicano 03/14/1834-08/16/1845 UM Microfilm A1280 Reels136.7-141.1
  El Mundo 08/11/1889-03/23/1892 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 141.2
  Municipal Mexicano 02/06/1836-08/30/1836 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 141.3
  El Municipio Libre [1878, 1885, 1887] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 141.4
  El 93: Per. Independiente Cosagrado a Defender. [1893] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 44.2
  Nueva Era 07/31/1911-02/11/1913 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Observador de la Republica Mexicana 06/1827-01/1828, 03/1830-10/1830 UM Microfilm A281
  Pais 01/01/1899-08/23/1914 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  La Patria (1877) 05/13/1877-12/17/1913 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  La Patria: Periodico Politico y Literario (1866) 09/1866-01/1867 Online: CRL
  El Siglo Diez y Nueve 10/1841-06/1896 UM Microfilm A325
    10/08/1841-06/30/1896 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Sol 12/05/1821-05/22/1822 UM Microfilm A221
    06/15/1824-03/1830 UM Microfilm A221
  El Telegrafo: Per. Oficial del Gobierno de los... 1833-02/1835 UM Microfilm A220
  Two Republics 08/04/1867-11/17/1900 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Union: Periodico Independiente 07/10/1870-08/24/1870 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Union: Periodico Politico 05/12/1880-07/19/1880 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Universal 11/16/1848-08/13/1855 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Universal 10/01/1916-02/15/1928 UM Microfilm A1275
    04/01/1928-12/31/1929, 1934-1937 UM Microfilm A1275
  Voz de Mexico 1886-01/29/1909 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Monterrey La Revista: Diario Independiente: Polit., Lit., Com... 09/06/1881-09/08/1881 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.13
Orizaba Lucha Electoral 08/13/1911 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Pueblo de Zaragoza La Bandera Nacional: Per. Politico y Literario 02/27/1867-03/23/1867 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.14
  El Telegrafo: Periodico Politico y Noticioso 05/05/1846 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.16
  Noticias Curiosas 1821 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.15
Puerto de La Paz(Baja CA Sur) La Baja California 07/16/1870-01/07/1871 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 1.1
Saltillo El Heraldo: Periodico Politico y Literario 12/23/1848 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.4
  The Picket Guard 04/19/1847-05/21/1847 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.5
  Sentinel 04/10/1848 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.6
  El Voto de Coahuila: Periodico Politico y Literario 01/08/1841-10/29/1842 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.7
  La Voz del Pueblo [10/1868]-11/13/1868 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.8
San Cristobal de Las Casas El Guardia Nacional de Chiapas 08/31/1848-12/21/1848 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.4
    01/11/1849-12/20/1849 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.4
  Para-rayo 10/08/1829 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.5
Santa-Anna (Tamaulipas) Graceta de Tamaulipas 06/25/1834-09/19/1834 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.3
Sombrerete Aristarco 03/08/1832-07/01/1832 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 7.16
Sonora El Centinela de Sonora 07/11/1845, 07/25/1845-08/15/1845 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 24.4
Tampico El Centinela de Tamaulipas 11/03/1877 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.19
  La Esperanza: Per. de Tampico de Tamaulipas 02/05/1845-08/27/1846 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.4
  Gaceta de Santa-Anna de Tamaulipas 08/23/1836-10/22/1836 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.5
  Gaceta de Tampico [1834] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.6
  El Porvenir: Per. Polit., Literario y de Variedades 06/30/1889-07/04/1897 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.7
  El Semanario: Per. Mercantil, Polit., y de Noticias 06/25/1880-02/04/1881 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.8
  La Soberania de Tamaulipas: Per. Popular, Polit... 09/23/1866-01/16/1867 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.9
Tlacotalpan Correo de Sotavento 04/27/1911-07/16/1911 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Tlaxcala Antigua Republica 07/26/1908 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Los Derechos del Pueblo: Per. Indepen. y de... 10/22/1880-12/18/1880 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.10
  El Eco del Estado: Per. Indepen., Polit., Lit. y de... 09/05/1872-09/14/1872 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.11
Toluca El Bien Publico: Semanario Polit., Indepen, de... 05/30/1880-08/15/1880 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.10
  Boletin de Noticias [08/1847, 09/1847] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.11
Tula de Allende El Cefiro: Periodico Independiente 11/11/1888-05/19/1889 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.12
Veracruz Liberal 07/22/1912 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  La Union 08/02/1913 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Veracruz Llave Diario Comercial 07/16/1880-03/17/1900 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Dictamen 04/02/1902-09/30/1922 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Voto 06/18/1909-06/19/1909 Online: Latin American Newspapers
Villahermosa La Palanca 05/06/1829-08/10/1831 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 24.5
  El Tabasqueno [1881] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 24.6
Xalapa (Jalapa) La Bandera Veracruzana 04/04/1886, 07/18/1886 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.13
  Boletin de Jalapa 11/30/1859-12/21/1859 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.14
    01/01/1860, 01/06/1860-01/08/1860 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.14
  El Cometa 09/22/1872 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 29.15
  El Conciliador [1841] UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.20
  Estado de Verazruz 08/11/1912-08/13/1912 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  Iris Veracruzano 11/01/1908 Online: Latin American Newspapers
  El Nacional: Semanario 07/15/1841-08/19/1841 UM Microfilm A1280 Reel 270.21
  Orden 05/29/1904-04/12/1908 Online: Latin American Newspapers