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NATSCI 387 CNS Junior Writing

Junior Year Writing for some majors in the College of Natural Sciences (NATSCI)

Books on Résumés and Job-hunting

Websites with advice for job-seekers

There is lots of advice on what will help you get hired, though it is at times contradictory.  Here are some articles in the Science Careers website from Science Magazine:

         "Your Personal Marketing Plan" by David G. Jensen, 2013

"Resume Wisdom" by David G. Jensen, 2012
Think about how your resume reads to the employer; demonstrate good judgment as well as your background.

"Seeking Work in the Social Net" by Cliff Mintz, 2011
Social media makes possible being first to hear about new jobs and making yourself stand out as a job candidate. Note the warnings at the end, though!

"Put Some Muscle in Your Marketing Materials" by David G. Jensen, 2008
Powerful writing can move your job application to the top of the pile.

"E-Persona Non Grata - Strategizing Your Online Persona" by Peter Fiske, 2008
Discusses how to manage what prospective employers will see when they Google you.

They also have a Tools & Tips / How-To section of the website with sections on